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Wireless encryption

Chris H

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Have always set my encryption on my router to WEP cos it works.


But with the state of wifi connectivity on linux today should I be looking at something else?


My router has the option of:








Any I should be looking at?





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On my XyZEL router I have WPA2-PSK, I don't know which encryption TKIP or AES because it doesn't give the choise.

On my D-Link I have WPA-PSK with TKIP and I don't have any trouble with connection an any of them.

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I have a mixture of both modes, then I can either use WPA-PSK or WPA-PSK2 depending on what the card supports. My new laptop will do both, whereas the older laptop will only do WPA-PSK. WPA-PSK is TKIP and WPA-PSK2 is AES.

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You should definitely use at least WPA. WEP is so easily breakable at this point that it's virtually indistinguishable from running no encryption at all; you can download point-and-click GUI tools for Windows and OS X that will break into any WEP network in about 20 seconds.


Using WPA-PSK is just as easy as using WEP, it works pretty much the same as far as you the user is concerned: you just set a key on the router and set the same key on all the clients.

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