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9.2 rc1 is hitting the mirrors


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I'm not a tester: mainly no time :(, not enough disk space :(

That beeing said, may I sugest you _upgrade_ to 9.2rc1 do _not_ install it !

Upgrade really need to work properly and it is difficult to implement.

I would be not surprised if Mandrake will enjoy your report on that matter.



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Now see.. this is what I miss when I don't have broadband.. grmbl grmbl.. I used to test RC version of mandrake since download wise it's doable with dsl, but now in a country without broadband.. I am stuck with 9.1.


Hoping 9.2 final is as bug free as possible so to prevent excess dialup usage.

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Upgrade in Mandrake ALWAYS is a problem. You almost invariably want to do a re-install, leaving your /home partition intact... rather than doing an upgrade. Mandrake's team needs a lot of work in this area.


I couldn't wait for 9.2 so I went with SuSE 8.2 Professional, myself. Distribution channels for Mandrake continue to be an issue. I wasn't willing to do and wait for a mail order, and I don't have access to broadband for personal use (not enough to download several CDs worth of data, anyway).

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I couldn't wait for 9.2 so I went with SuSE 8.2 Professional, myself.


Just out of curiosity, How do you like SuSE 8.2 compared to say your last Mandrake installation?



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First mtweidman, my sympathies. I went to school in Blackburn.

No wonder the stones found it necassary to fill their arms with a thousand holes to drown out the misery.


Pop trivia: quick off topic, that what the beatles song immortalises.


Anyway back on topic...

I was dismayed yesterday to check out what is arguably Europe's biggest computer bazar (don't argue against me thisd is what I was told by the manufactuerers that display there).


They are still selling Mandrake 8.2. And 9.0 and 9.1.

Whats a first time noobie meant to think.

This is FRANCE...home of Mandrake and they can't replace the old stock....

Something is seriously wrong with there marketing ...



logiciel/systems de exploitation/linux

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So do we have all the iso's in our own mirror?


RC1 is. Just check the downloads link. :wink:


RCMP Firewall





This site is protected by a firewall. All requests are screened and logged.


Url '' had the following error reported  


230 Anonymous user logged in

That's why I asked! :) Thanks!
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