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cdrom drive has mind of it own!

Guest technicka

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Guest technicka

I had the same problem with 8.2.. now running 9.1


my samsung cd rom model sc-140 is going bezerk!


Whenever there is a prompt on teh screen to insert a cd,.. the drive tray opens.. and a second later it closes.


I hit the eject button and as soon as it starts to eject is goes back in.


It seems whenever teh system polls teh drive for media is when the cd rom gets sucked back in.


I have to resort to man handling my drive like a red headed step child.


any fix for this... really annoying.

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i'm not sure if that's a Linux/MDK problem, per se. i had the same problem with my cd rom a while back in Window$, before i was using MDK. i could barely get a cd in the tray before it would close without me closing it manually. if i'd hit the eject button, it would open then immediately close. i cleaned it out, but that didn't help. what did help was, i actually opened the box up, unscrewed the cd rom, unplugged & removed it, then reseated it. haven't had a problem since. weird, but it worked. give it a try.......couldn't hurt.


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Guest GorGor

altho you don't say so explicitly, me thinks your prompt for cd is with Rpmdrake or mcc add remove software?


2 issues I found is that disabling supermount is still a major part of the solution.


BUT if you have not dowloaded all your updates, the hdlists get confused.


A simple solution if you don't want to update, is to grab hold of the cdrom tray, stick in the correct cd and install the software, then do a fulllllll reboot to update the lists.

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