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Help In installing a package


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I m trying to install sauerbraten game into my mandriva 2009


I followed the steps provided by this forom on how to install a .tar.bz2 file into the system


I extracted the file abd I m stuck in the step where I have to prepare a configure file to use the command make install


can anyone help me???


whenever I am typing ./configure it is saying

bash - command not found



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He doesn't need to be root neither when doing ./configure nor make only when doing make install.


To use ./configure you need to cd to the folder you extracted from the tar.bz2. If you are using konqueror then open the extracted folder then open Tools>open terminal then ./configure

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/bin/sh: sdl-config: command not found

/bin/sh: g++: command not found

make: *** [shared/tools.o] Error 127

[root@localhost src]# exit


[abinash@localhost src]$ cd..

[abinash@localhost sauerbraten]$ ./sauerbraten_unix

Your platform does not have a pre-compiled Sauerbraten client.

Please follow the following steps to build a native client:

1) Ensure you have the SDL, SDL-image, SDL-mixer, and OpenGL libraries installed.

2) Change directory to src/ and type "make install".

3) If the build succeeds, return to this directory and run this script again.

[abinash@localhost sauerbraten]$


these are the last few lines which I had encounter, while trying to make install

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For sdl-config you need to do:


urpmi libSDL-devel


for g++:


urpmi gcc-c++


and try to compile again. There might be more packages, but I can't see any higher than the SDL line to see if there were other dependencies to install to get this compiled. Check the README file it should tell you what you need.

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The game needs -devel package of libsdl1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libsdl-image1.2 libgl1-mesa libglu1-mesa besides compiling tool.



tar jxfv sauerbraten_2007_12_24_assassin_edition_linux.tar.bz2
cd sauerbraten/src
make install

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