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  1. From fstab find what mount points your optical drives use (usually /media/cdrom for one of them). When the bug happens reload one of the cd/dvd trays with a CD then mount it from terminal: mount /media/cdrom replace /media/cdrom with whatever mount point the drive actually has. Post any error messages here.
  2. What's the output of this in terminal: rpm -qa | grep nvidia rpm -qa | grep kernel uname -a
  3. medo3891

    gcc compiler

    First set up the online repositories: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Docs/Basic_tas...tions_available Then install gcc and gcc-c++ .
  4. newdog: try this as root in terminal: su urpmi --debug libxulrunner1.9
  5. Yeah, try nvidia-settings as root from terminal: su nvidia-settings Go to X server Display configuration, then when you get the resolution you want working don't forget to click "save to X configuration file" to make the change permanent.
  6. If you are running kde4.1.x in 2009.0 then read my previous post.
  7. Where did you change the resolution? It should be changed in the Mandriva control centre>hardware>set up the graphical server>resolution, you should also select your monitor in Monitor, if your specific monitor isn't there then choose something under Generic that matches the resolution and refresh rate you want. What's the output of this in terminal: su monitor-edid
  8. If you you are using kde4.1.x then have a look here: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2009.0_Errata#...digital_mode.29
  9. Try reconfiguring your card using drakx11, open the Mandriva control centre>hardware>set up the graphical server>graphics card.
  10. As root in terminal: su urpmi.update -av urpmi --debug glibc --debug will make it more chatty.
  11. For the second error, if you are trying to load something from terminal as root then try using: su - notice the extra - after su.
  12. Can you try with a new user account, just for testing.
  13. Instal gdm then switch the display manger, in the Mandriva control centre>boot>display manager, make it GDM. See if this makes any change.
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