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Making programs automatically maximized


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I found a few topics dealing with a similar problem but they didnät really help me at all so I decided to ask. My problem is that everytime I start Openoffice or Firefox the windowis not maximized - it's sized a little bit over it that so that the windowis partly on the right side of my cube desktop. I need to click to maximize the window everytime so that the oversizing won't cause any annoying problems with the cube.


Is there a way to make these two programs start in the maximized mode?


I attached a pick to clarify the issue.







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What did you try so far?

Anyway you can try to click on the icon in the upper left corner (FF logo in your pic) and choose Special\Special window settings (or something similar I don't use English here). But if memory serves well that not only maximizes FF but all its pop-up windows too. So if you got a message or want to save a file etc those windows will be maximized too.

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I have no idea what to do, so nothing except try maximizing the window manually and then restarting X. It doesn't help.


By clicking the Firefox logo I get the options:

Advanced -> Keep above others / Keeb below others / Fullscreen







The "maximize" option works just as well as the maximize button on the upper right.

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I've had the same problem. If I remember correctly, there are a couple of things you can do/try.


1) Click on the arrow in the top left hand corner. Then click on "resize". Then with the mouse, resize the window to fit the entire screen.




2) Click on the arrow in the top left hand corner. Then click on "special window settings". Click on "geometry", then "size". There you can 'play around' with the settings to get the window to remain maximized.

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Again it seems like I should just give up my 3D desktop or switch to GNOME...

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Oops, sorry for not replying.


My videocard is GeForce FX 5200 and I'm using Compiz Fusion, if that's what you're using.


I don't think I'm mistaken about using a 3D desktop. It certainly seems 3D to me.






Help, anyone?

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