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Linux v SCO desicion matrix


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Guest JaseP

From a legal standpoint, this chart was a little trite. If the chart wanted to stay true to its design, it would have to deal with each claim individually with no bleed-over. Virtually every claim of SCO came down to SCO having released Linux,... if that one issue fails, then out goes the baby with the bathwater as to the offending code.


On the other hand, what the Linux community DOES have as an advantage is the groundswell of public adoption of Linux. There are probably now somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 million or better Linux users. Linux is now entrenched in business, and not just due to IBM. To force the removal of Linux from servers across the globe would have a staggering effect on the economy and would negatively impact many innocent businesses. Therefore a Court is unlikey to grant an injunction which takes Linux off the shelf. They are more likely to issue a money judgment against IBM if SCO proves its case, rather than try to mandate that millions of 3rd party users stop using Linux...

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** dons flame proof armor **


The article pretty much relies on the fact that the judge upholds the GPL and isnt blinded by SCO's song and dance. There is always a possiblity that liunx will be hurt. Hell look at SCO in Japan warning them to be afraid of linux..... right after the Japanese government decides to use linux to do payroll. Butthe fact is that linux has already be delt a blow, but I think we have seen the worst of it so far, and SCO go bankrupt (with the way they have acted, their buisness practice looks shady, and well no buisness like a shady partner

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