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Cooker and Krusader and MCC


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I can live without a lot of things not working on my Linux installations, but Krusader is not one of them. As I said in a previous post the present version of Krusader as supplied on cooker (v2.0) does not work (it doesn't load), but you may be interested to know that if you uninstall it and go and get v1.9 from the 2008.1 repos then that works perfectly.


There, as I have solved one problem for you, perhaps you can solve one for me. How can I increase the size of the spindly, unreadable fonts in MCC? I have my KDE fonts set at Sans Serif 13 and qtconfig fonts set at Sans Serif 16 and I still cant read MCC. (you may have guessed by that statement that I have no idea if MCC is a QT or GTK application but I need to increase the QT font size to be able to read keepassx and I hoped that might make a difference to MCC, but it doesn't).

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krusader 2.0 is strictly a KDE4/Qt4 application, so it's natural to fail if you don't have KDE4 basic libraries installed.

Of course these libs SHOULD be dependencies of the program, but not all Cooker packages are perfect.


AhHa! that explains it. Earlier this year I put virtually every KDE4 library in into /etc/urpmi/skip.list and deleted as many as I dare from my hard disc. Basically because I didn't have the bandwidth to keep updating tons of stuff that I don't use (and don't even like). When I updated 2008.1 to cooker I did so by changing the sources and updating. Of course with all the libraries in 'skip.list' they would not have been added hence Krusader 2.0 doesn't work.


Thanks scarecrow.

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