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how to secure laptop against theft


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Well I have a new laptop again after my old other, almost brand new one, got stolen. What can I do to make it hard for thieves? Michaelcole recommended no-ip but are there any additional measures so I can trace any potential thieve, take control of my laptop remotely, take pictutes of them etc?


What to do with bios? Add a password or let it boot into any traps set? How to prevent them from removing any installed OS etc

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Dont know what type,


Fingerprint detection under the bois?


Fingerprint reader on the computer


libfprint for Fingerprint detection.


Stopping os being overvritten.. na not that i can think of.. unless you have bois password and no boot off CD.


Buy a kingston lock for the laptop they have siren types.


Set up ssh so you can access when the computer is powered up on the network.. Then you can turn the CAM on hehehe..


You could write a script that when it connects it auto checks a site for you and if it has a bit set,(Page uploaded) it takes a photo every 15 sec then uploads to a site and trys to send email.


You could pass it through TOR so if they have port 80 closed you still get the feed..

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The first company I worked for we had problems with people stealing desktop computers all the time. We fitted PCI/ISA alarm cards into the machines and we caught someone the next time they tried it. So, I'd go with the alarm things - it won't stop them trying to steal it, but it'll make it difficult for them once they've picked it up. Although, not sure how many people react to alarms nowadays - what with car and house alarms going off all the time.


In terms of data, password protect the hard disk, BIOS as well - it will stop them using the computer at least. They won't be able to transfer the disk to another machine and use it because of the password issue.

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