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How can I create a swap file on USB drive?

Guest PavelP

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it IS possible, ive just never found it needed.


boot from your stick, go to mcc and partition is as you would any other disk, you may lose everything on your LAST partiton, i did this once and my setup was this:



700MB 1300MB


I then added a 200MB swap and it looked like this:



700MB 200MB 1100MB


but when i did that I was able to keep my MCNL, but I lost my DATA

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and as far as i can remember, using a flash-based space for swap is not recommended since that will expedite the "wear" on the storage system. some flash device manufacturers are working around this by incorporating some leveling algorithm that will spread the writes around the device.


like what scarecrow said, use a flash-based swap if the machine has very limited RAM, or use less memory intensive applications if you can.


to answer your original question, look at the manpage of the mkswap/swapon/swapoff commands.



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