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another one bites the dust...


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look at it this way, there is going to be an increase on the number of windows workstations that is going to be hit by worm viruses, at least those that were previously protected by RAV systems and whose owners cant find a suitable replacement[1].


hmmn, i dont really know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.. :unsure:




[1] clamav might be opensource but an acquaintance running a family-owned enterprise says its not yet ready for primetime.

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?We need some kind of trustworthy computing initiative for the open-source community.?


Rant: Eeeuw... what are they gonna think of next? Patenting algorithms and business methods?


Brain: sound an awful lot like the 'trustworthy' computing initiative M$ launched. First of all, as a lot of people have pointed out, m$ is not to be trusted. Second, there is no real proof that this 'trustworthy' computing initiative will actually lead to improved security. Not that they shouldn't work on it :s , but I'm sure they are too busy trying to take away our rights.



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