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Australian MDK ISO mirror


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I've got this problem again with 2009 :P


aarnet, pacific, planetmirror, iinet, linux.org.au, internode, none of the mirrors I know of have ISOs yet.


internode and pacific did have package repositories for 2009 though, and planet mirror seems to have ditched mandriva entirely.

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oops, I edited my post, yes 9.1 was a typo, i meant 2009.


I'll probably end up torrenting, but local mirrors are usually quicker than torrents. 0.5-1MB/s vs 50kb/s...


anyway, I just thought it was funny, I was searching for mirrors and found a really old post of mine...

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On the Mandriva page, there's a list of the ones that have currently got it I suppose, but the list isn't too big. I think China looked like your closest mirror.

Nah, that'd be slow too, if not terrible.


*shrug* got the torrent going now, plodding along at 27kb/s. I just thought it'd be fun to revive an old thread, and terribly coincidental that I stumble across it while trying to find mirrors... again.

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