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  1. Install the lm-sensors rpm and then you can use Ksensors or gkrellm to get the temps, fan speeds, voltage on the mobo to display. Most modern motherboards have chips that monitor this kind of info. You can also see this data from the BIOS screen on startup of many mobo's. Search the board for other info on lm-sensors. There are some other posts that will give more info and help. It is a bit tricky the first time you set it up as you have to run it to config things and then set it to run as a service on startup. You have to run sensorsd from the command line to get it going. Basically, you answer a string of questions on your hardware (normally the default answer is Yes) and then it is good to go if you follow the README file instructions. Hope this helps! Back on topic: According to a couple things I found on Club Forum, the ekiga rpm on Mdk Club mirror has some issues. Tries to uninstall tons of software and install a specific Gnome version. Might be related to that issue.
  2. Wierd behaviour and not sure this is the right forum to put it in as it is HW and SW oriented. Running Mandriva 2006 Dec Club version on an Athlon 1600XP desktop with AthCool running to keep temps down and KSensors monitoring things. When trying to do normal Mandriva updates in MCC, I noticed that when I would select the ekiga update item, nothing seemed to happen but my CPU temps jumped from 36C to 50C in less than 5 sec and kept climbing until I bailed out by killing the program. I thought maybe the cpu fan went down, so took the side of the box and all is running normally. Rebooted tried again and same results as I watched the cpu fan running normally. I got all the other downloads and went back to check and every time I click on the ekiga update my CPU temp skyrockets!!! What's that about? I'm not sure which source mirror I have setup which has that update as it won't display any info on the program when I select that upgrade and I have to abort out as the cpu just starts cooking without any sign of stopping. Wierd thing is CPU activity is not showing anything, but the temp freaks out. I suspect it must be something messing with my Athcool code but don't want to fry the CPU for the sake of a program I won't use. Stuff like this is interesting and challenges me to figure out what's going on. I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts on this one. :D
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    Not quite sure why this topic got moved since Hamachi is a networking tool? Did I violate some posting rule? Hope networking people can find it here as I am interested in how others might use this tool. HAMACHI WEBSITE LINK Think of Hamachi as LAN over the internet... imagine the possibilities! :P
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    It is VERY cool and unique as it gives security and networking capability in some situations which don't normally work. I'm exploring options to use it much like a VPN but without all the fuss of setup. Check out the chatter on it at Gibson's website. :P Hamachi Rocks
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    Anybody on the board using Hamachi? Hamachi weblink My boss and I are using it from the office (winXP) to cut thru the firewall and access servers at home. I'm blown away at how it works. He is using it to secure IMAP mail server using the 256bit AES encryption. I'm just getting things figured out, so far am playing with it between my wife's desktop at work and my laptop. Anyone tried it yet? :D [moved from Networking by spinynorman]
  6. I have another 160GB firewire external hd I use for backups. Use it for laptop and desktop /home /data info and archives. I ended up with the big /home as it is easier to manage and I don't have to think so much. :D My rig won't run all that fast by today's standards anyhow. Athlon XP 1600+ is not a big deal anymore, but is fine for my playing around. Thanks for the ideas. You all helped me confirm what to do on this.
  7. Thanks again Ix! I got tired of a 40GB single drive and wanted to start playing with some server and network things as a learning tool. Sure have the room now, eh? Coming your way soon. Leading a workshop in Waterloo, IN the end of January. Brrrr.... not looking forward to the cold weather.
  8. Thanks for taking time to reply. I am running it now. Nice. But only 6 CD's so they did not include source like they did for the 2006 Official Club version. I also need to change that theme to something that is not red! :D
  9. Ixthusdan and coverup, Thanks for the advice, that's pretty much how I did it with some minor variations. :P Never had so much room to roam before and it was bewildering. Went ahead and put the December 2006 Club version on it and left a bit of blank spae for playing with other distros if I want to give them a spin. Pretty simple install on my 3 plus year old mobo (Abit KR7a-133 viaKT266A chipset) Happy New Year to all!
  10. Thanks BVC! Good to be back online at MUsB again. I agree... any thoughts on partitioning and file systems for these?
  11. Open for suggestions... Have a couple new hd's and reinstalling win xp for some games and work related things I need. How would you partition/divide up the space between Windoze and Mandriva 2006 or Dec Club 2006? Drive 1= Maxtor 200GB Drive 2= Maxtor 160GB Lots of room to play. Thanks for your suggestions! Happy New Year!
  12. Been off the board for a long time as work and other things have kept me very busy. Have been reworking my hardware and OS updates over the holiday breaks. I have lurked for past year... :P Before you flame me, I realize this is not a Mdk Club board. But I know some of us are Club members. Has anyone tried the new Dec Club release? Is it worth a spin? I don't see much difference from 2006 Official if you are keeping updated. Any thoughts? Well, I played with it a bit. Not bad install. Red Christmas theme is a bit loud though. :D
  13. I "think" you have to port forward the router too so it understands which machine to connect to for the ssh connection. Look at your router support page and see if it has instructions on doing that. Disclaimer: I am certainly no ssh expert but have been wrestling with it too and came across that very issue today.
  14. Personally, I'd recommend using a router if you can afford it. They are fairly cheap, easy to plugin and use, and you never know when a friend will come by with a laptop and you can share the connection with them. They are good for lots of things and do add a bit of security. :D
  15. Yeah, I got my letter yesterday and was disappointed too. Looks like a good hobbyist level magazine is not available yet. There is a SUPER one in Indonesian language called InfoLinux, but it is not available in English and costs too much for an out of country subscription. LINK to InfoLinux Indonesia I think if it were in English it would sell well. It is focused on installing software, games, distro reviews, etc. that mean more to me than corporate server issues.
  16. It is nice to have a familiar point and click GUI if that is what one is accustomed to, but yes, you do not need the GUI to do SSH. Scripts can do it simply too if you know how to use the syntax. I mostly do port forwarding and tunneling with SSH and don't use it all that often. So remembering syntax is a pain. The nice thing about Putty is you can setup a connection and save it without having to write a script. For most converts from Windoze, who are not all that familiar with syntax, GUI frontends that work well are a blessing. Using them, all you do is point-n-click and you are connected and ready to do your thing. Sort of handy and simple. That's the way I like my computing... handy and simple. I started computing way back in the days of patch boards, punch cards, and learning BASIC, COBOL/SNOBOL, etc. and did my share of DOS work, but I am glad to point and click with a GUI when I can nowadays. It is nice to be able to do both in GNU Linux as it is getting more difficult in other OS'es. Whatever gets the job done easily for me... that's what I want to use.
  17. Putty is available for linux. Not able to help on the Ubuntu apt-0get availabilty but I have it running on Mdk 10.1 and it is same GUI interface as in Windows if you are used to that! I imagine it can be found in apt format too or build from source.
  18. There are a couple rpm's missing right now that are making this a bit of a hassle. Apparently some configs get hit worse than others. I have a couple new quirks after updating, but not as bad as yours. I expect in a couple days there will be some fixes to this, but the weekend will slow things down. Several have reported this to Mdk Security maillist and to the KDE maintainer. Wish I had better news than this, but that is the skinny. If desperate, guess you could uninstall kde and go back to the previous version, but that is a bit touchy to do unless you feel very comfortable with cli or using another desktop manager. Maybe they will get us 3.3 faster and that will redo things too.
  19. Good input and discussion... almost like the old days on this board! Yahooo! :D Thanks for everyone's input. I've been sidetracked doing some tsunami related tech stuff. Lots of good help from IBM and other big corps. Nice to see that! Sorry I have not been updated so am slow to reply. For some reason the board no longer lets me know when someone is posting. I'll have to check my settings to see what is up. Gonna play with my webcam shortly and see what I can get going. :P
  20. Good luck on this. You probably saw it, but check this Debian post DEBIAN POST LINK Seems others have struggled with this too, but sounds like it can work. Go for it. EDIT: Looks like BIOS might be the involved too as well as the default config file Check out this BSD post. BSD POST LINK
  21. Just got an email from Linux Questions website. Usually a quick delete, but read this one. They have a new radio broadcast at LQRadio . Interesting concept! :P
  22. Interesting problem. Thanks for posting it and the present work around. Seems like there is something amiss and it would be good to know what the DNS resolution issue was with your normal ISP.
  23. kmack


    I just exited mine from the tray and now it does not load anymore in 10.1 OE. Hope it works for you, but I am guessing you tried that already. :D
  24. Sometimes (not always) you can move the cursor w/o mouse by this trick: CTRL-SHIFT-NUMLOCK then use keypad on keyboard as follows: 8 = UP 6 = RIGHT 4= LEFT 2 = DOWN + = Dbl Click 5 = Left Click -0 = drag n drop This is from memory, but should be close. Try some other keys to see what works. On laptop, you might need to use embedded functions and use FN key to activate the "keypad" not sure how it will work due to different mapping. If possible, might even want to try external keyboard? Sometimes you can use this trick to navigate when mouse is not working. It will allow you to use GUI to modify the mouse setups from within MCC. Good luck! EDIT: Found a link to the old instructions. Better than my memory: MOUSE MOVE INSTRUCTIONS
  25. Thanks for taking time to let us know! I was not aware they even had a live CD! Sounds nice!
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