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Anyone Have A Yahoo Messenger For Mandriva?

Guest MM90

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hello alllllll


how are you


i am new user in mandriva system 2007


and i need a yahoo messenger program if any one have it


plase help mee


or MSN messenger


thank you


MM90 :thumbs:

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I use pidgin too, although, if I recall correctly there is a linux client, however it ain't pretty (uses GTK 1 I think :unsure:)


I just checked, it does use GTK 1 and is pretty old (Red Hat 9 days), I wouldn't touch it to be honest.


As a side note, anyone know how to brainwash their friends to ditch their msn accounts for something a bit less evil, like AOL or Yahoo?

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Tell them that Yahoo is now tracking IPs of new accounts and will give the next 20 people to sign up $500.


i nearly spit my drink reading that. but seriously don't since somehow that message will end up in my messenger and it will end up with me pissing off and losing more of my (precariously running low) remaining friends. :(



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