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startx fails to start [solved]


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I borked my system. :wall: I had way too many kernels installed, and decided to clean things up a little. Well, I cleanded it up and removed my Nvidia driver module.


I can boot to a command prompt, and from what I can tell, the rest of the system is intact.


If I run startx, it fails with the following error;


Could not open /lib/modules/, no such file or directory.


The path is there, just no nvidia96xx.ko.gz file.


How do I figure out what package that file is in? If I could answer that, I could use URPMI to install the missing package.


I looked at the log file and saw nothing unusual, other than the file is missing.


This is Mandriva - One 2008 free.


FWIW, uanme -a reports - rest


Linux duelie #SMP.... The rest is hardware info.

This is a 32 bit system, not 64bit.



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Thanks guys, I used input from both of you to fix it. To fix it I,


1. ran urpmi dkms-nvidia ; this found 3 packages I had removed. I instlled them.


2. At this point startx didn't work. Now I edited xorg.conf, and changed 'nvidia' to 'vesa' Tried startx, got a blue screen for about 30 seconds, but no desktop.


3. Ran XFdrake as root, picked the proprietory driver. Did a startx and presto, it all works.


Thank-you! :D

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