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Need help on linux+mac+windows home network


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I have three computers in my house: 1) my desktop PC, which is running Mandriva One 2008 KDE, 2) my MacBook, which is running OS X Tiger 10.4.10, and 3) a desktop PC belonging to the rest of my family, which is running Windows XP SP 2.



We have a DSL internet connection. Our DSL modem is connected to a wireless router, which allows all three computers in the house to share the DSL connection.



My Mandriva PC is upstairs, and the Windows PC is downstairs. The MacBook is downstairs most of the time.



The wireless internet is working fine on all 3 computers.



We have a printer, which is connected to the Windows PC.



Now, I want to be able to share files and our printer between all 3 computers on our wireless home network.





Please advice me on how to do this. I will appreciate any help you give me.

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You can do this by sharing the printer from Windows XP. Then to be able to use the printer from your Linux machine you can set it to print to the printer using samba. You should only need samba-client and samba-common packages for this (if I remember the naming convention correctly). For the MAC, I've no idea as I've never used one, but I would expect it should have the functionality to print to the Windows attached printer.


Alternatively, you can connect the printer to the Mandriva machine, use cups to configure it as a printer, and then use IP or HTTP printing from the Windows machine, as well as from the MAC machine. I used to have a printer connected to Windows, and then for some reason later, it wouldn't print using samba. I then changed it to IP or HTTP printing attached to a Linux machine, and then all was OK again and it never broke the connection again after this.

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Hi ianw1974, thank you for your reply.


I installed samba-client and samba-common on my Mandriva PC. I also installed samba-server, as I want to share files from my Mandriva PC.


Mac OS X has samba preinstalled.



I want to first get filesharing working on all three computers, and then set up the printer.



I'm not sure how to set up samba server for filesharing on Mandriva.



Please tell me how to easily set up samba server for filesharing, preferrably without having to use the command-line.

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The most comprehensive/easy way to set samba shares in your *nix machine is via the Samba module of webmin. It works great, and its desktop-independent.

The mcc module is elementary at best, and kcontrol's samba module is missing a couple of things... still its usable.

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Hi everyone and thank you for all your help


I made filesharing work on all three computers.


I took help from these two websites: 1 2


Also, I installed drakwizard and used the Configure Samba tool.



Now I want to set up printer sharing, but first I have to get the printer working with Mandriva.


I'll start a new post in the hardware subforum.

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I've also used drakwizard before, it's the best set of tools I've found for configuring stuff nice and easily in Mandriva. Will keep an eye out for your printer posting.

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