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Wireless and WPA problem [solved]


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Hi all!


From a lot of time I installed my Sitecom WL-170 wireless PCMCIA card on Mandriva 2007 and with ndiswrapper I surfed the web without problems. A couple days ago I discovered some new drivers for my card and I installed them. I took them from here. My card uses Rt61 driver.


However, now I can't acces to my wireless home network. I found 2 active interface, ra0 and wlan0. I can see my card works, I can see my home network BUT there's always WEP encryption while I use WPA. I think the problem is in WPA settings but I could have no idea. At least I can unistall Rt61 driver and use ndiswprapper but I don't know how to do it.


Can you tell me something?


Thanks in advance.

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If you unpacked and performed a "make install" you can also perform a "make uninstall" if you still have the same directory from which you ran make.

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