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Need software to format a book for publication


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I agree with John. If you are using Linux, then Scribus is obviously the way to go - unless you want to spend thousands of dollars. In that case, there are e.g. Pagemaker, Quark-XPress, Dialog or InDesign available. (Primarily, I use Dialog at work. Nice tool but extremely expensive!)


Give Scribus a try. If you need help, let us know. Some of us might be able to help you if you run into design-problems.

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Latex isn't that difficult to use anymore (it has a few nice frontends), but its aimed at different type of publications.

Scribus is the way to go- I agree with all the above. It works the same way Quark Xpress does, and has most of its functionality (although it doesn't accept Xtensions, of course...).

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Tip: it only takes a few clicks in Wikipedia to find out which software runs on which platform.

In short, Scribus runs on Windows too, and there are a bunch of Tex editors which run on all sorts of platforms - for example LyX runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Kile, as its name suggests, runs on KDE so not (yet) on Windows, but you can create stuff on there and use any other Tex editor to edit the resulting file.

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