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How to get total size of directory in shell?

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When I do an ls -l command I can get the size of files, but I can't get the total size of a directory -- i.e. the size of everything below that directory.


Is there anyway of getting this information with a simple command form within a shell? I realize that I can open Konquerer and right click on a directory, but there must be a way of doing this from within the shell.



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Just to increase my post count :wink: :


For partitions, you have to use 'df'


bash-2.05b$ df -h /dev/hda*

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/hda                 0     0     0   - 

/dev/hda1                0     0     0   - 

/dev/hda2                0     0     0   - 

/dev/hda5              22G   17G  5.5G  75% /mnt/Datas

/dev/hda6             3.1G  2.1G  1.1G  67% /

/dev/hda7                0     0     0   -



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Well I thought you meant just to check one directory (in the original post where you used ls -l)


sh-2.05b$ ls -sh RealPlayer8/

total 1.6M

4.0k app.kdelnk    24k LICENSE         4.0k pluginstall.sh    8.0k rp7doc.xpm

12k audiosig.rm  4.0k Mailcap         8.0k raclass.zip       4.0k rp7mini.xpm

4.0k Codecs        12k mimeinstall.sh  4.0k README            4.0k rp7.xpm

4.0k Common       4.0k mime.kdelnk     1.2M realplay          136k rpnp.so

80k firstrun.rm  4.0k Mime.types      4.0k realplay.desktop

4.0k Help         4.0k Plugins         4.0k rp7doc.png


And if I wanted to check the directories recursively:


sh-2.05b$ ls -sh RealPlayer8/*

4.0k RealPlayer8/app.kdelnk      8.0k RealPlayer8/raclass.zip

12k RealPlayer8/audiosig.rm     4.0k RealPlayer8/README

80k RealPlayer8/firstrun.rm     1.2M RealPlayer8/realplay

24k RealPlayer8/LICENSE         4.0k RealPlayer8/realplay.desktop

4.0k RealPlayer8/Mailcap         4.0k RealPlayer8/rp7doc.png

12k RealPlayer8/mimeinstall.sh  8.0k RealPlayer8/rp7doc.xpm

4.0k RealPlayer8/mime.kdelnk     4.0k RealPlayer8/rp7mini.xpm

4.0k RealPlayer8/Mime.types      4.0k RealPlayer8/rp7.xpm

4.0k RealPlayer8/pluginstall.sh  136k RealPlayer8/rpnp.so


total 1.9M

100k 14_4.so.6.0   40k ddnt.so.6.0  216k drv3.so.6.0     132k rv20.so.6.0

56k 28_8.so.6.0   32k dnet.so.6.0   44k dspr.so.6.0     124k rv30.so.6.0

32k atrc.so.6.0  176k drv1.so.6.0  508k rncolor.so.6.0   28k sipr.so.6.0

64k cook.so.6.0  192k drv2.so.6.0   56k rv10.so.6.0      64k tokr.so.6.0


total 1.9M

24k pnrscmgr.so.6.0  148k rcaembed.so.6.0

600k rcacore.so.6.0   1.2M rmacore.so.6.0


total 12k

4.0k readme  4.0k realplay  4.0k realplay.htm


total 5.7M

100k audplin.so.6.0   140k pxcpng.so.6.0    152k rtrender.so.6.0

124k authmgr.so.6.0   268k pxff.so.6.0      160k rvrend.so.6.0

44k bascauth.so.6.0  112k pxgf.so.6.0       72k sdpplin.so.6.0

4.0k ExtResources     160k pxgr.so.6.0      192k skinfs.so.6.0

196k httpfsys.so.6.0   96k pxjf.so.6.0       72k smlffpln.so.6.0

72k memfsys.so.6.0   176k pxjr.so.6.0      200k smlrendr.so.6.0

72k meta.so.6.0      160k pxpf.so.6.0       36k smmrendr.so.6.0

40k mp3f.so.6.0      152k pxpr.so.6.0       72k smplfsys.so.6.0

76k mp3mfpln.so.6.0  184k pxrend2.so.6.0   120k swff.so.6.0

124k mp3r.so.6.0      144k rarender.so.6.0  580k swfrend.so.6.0

40k pnxres.so.6.0    448k rcadlg.so.6.0    132k vidplin.so.6.0

136k ppffplin.so.6.0  196k rmffplin.so.6.0  220k vsrcplin.so.6.0

64k pxcgif2.so.6.0    48k rn5auth.so.6.0    92k xlibsite.so.6.0

156k pxcjpeg2.so.6.0  152k rtffplin.so.6.0


Although in this case I'd use ls -sh RealPlayer8/* | most (most is a pager I use, like less, or more)

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When I do an ls -l command I can get the size of files, but I can't get the total size of a directory -- i.e. the size of everything below that directory.


Your original question did not state that that was all you wanted, and you've been introduced to df and du --- I was simply commenting on the fact that ls -l did not give you the summary, when it does on my system. As far as a single line:


sh-2.05b$ ls -sh temp

total 68k

12k 11-Match-_30sec_anim.gif-19720.gif  8.0k nutbolt.jpg

16k glove.jpg                            16k sit3-shine.7.gif

16k jigsaw.xcf


You'll notice the very first line after the command is the summary, on a single line. However, as I said, it was only brought up as a matter of curiosity about your ls -l, du is the way to go

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Guest Halodude2400

Not robust, by any means, but this will do the job...


It will provide the exact number of bytes, including the size of directories.



# folders typically have a single size of 4kB or so...


if [ -d $1 ]
 files=`ls $1`

 for file in ${files}
   file_size=`$0 "${1}/${file}"`
   size=`expr ${size} + ${file_size}`

 # remove this line to exclude the size of folders
 size=`expr ${size} + ${DIR_SIZE}`
elif [ -f $1 ]
 size=`ls $1 -l | cut -d ' ' -f 5`
 printf "Error: $1 not found\n"

echo ${size}

Edited by Halodude2400
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