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Gnome, how to get superkaramba?


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Hey, I got myself a Gnome to see and play with it.... I though to use Superkaramba, but realized that is only for KDE?? :unsure:


I found gtubeclock 0.9.1 has been released (RH9 rpm here), is that the one I should use it for Gnome if so, what about different theme or art such as weather liquid etc??

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gkrellm doesn't have the same abilities as superkaramba and/or gdesklets, IMHO.


Many thanks... That is what I noticed that but I just need to surfing around more. The more I learn about Gnome, so that I can compare with KDE.......


But look like most of people use KDE than Gnome??

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I hope you mind to help me one more since everything goes easy with drag and drop... BUT the weather thing, when I tried to configure it, by yahoo or BBC weather link... But still not working... I have tried to look around for how to set up even though forums from gdesklets site??


Have you any clue how to solve it?? Thanks again!

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