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Mandi daemon crashing


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I'm just wondering if someone has had similar problems. Ok, here's the situation:


I already have shorewall up and running and I'm gonna install mandi and mandi-ifw now. The main thing why I'm asking this is that I want to have an Interactive Firewall (mandi-ifw). So:


su root


urpmi mandi mandi-ifw

This part goes like it should, but problems start from here:

# service mandi start

Starting mandi daemon: mandi_daemon_add_watch(): READABLE

unable to open white list file

nl_bind_socket: No such file or directory

bind failed

unable to init netlink

unable to init "Interactive Firewall" plugin [FAILED]


Whitelist? Where should it be? I created a file called "whitelist" to /etc/shorewall but it didn't make things any better.

I'm using ra0 to connect to the internet, but capability for eth0 usage would be great too, as I use it sometimes.

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