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  1. Well, I followed the directions as laid out and got the darn thing to work...mostly. LOL The build seemed to go well until the end when it said I was missing vesamenu.c32. Is this (vesamenu) in the downloadable syslinux rpm (unpatched) or is this already on the Toronto CD and I just need to quit being dense and copy it over. I'm seriously considering using GFXboot instead. Will that pose further problems? Does anyone ever read this board anymore? I know my previous questions were answered other places on the web. But now I actually need you mandrivaclub.nl.
  2. The link for syslinux-3.36-5mcnl2007.1.i586.rpm is no longer any good. Don't suppose we could get a link to it.. or the location of a repository. I've tried several Contrib sources only for urpmi to tell me it doesn't exist.
  3. Heh, I guess I answered my own question... "* Copy the file /usr/lib/syslinux/flash.jpg from Toronto to the main /usr/lib/syslinux/ or create your own isolinux boot background, it is a normal 640x480 jpg file. "
  4. Hi everyone. First, let me just say a big Thank You to Kris and mandrivaclub.nl for the outstanding piece of art that is MCNLive. You made a self replicating Live CD that is simply unparalleled as far as ease of use. I have three questions. 1. Is it possible to change the boot splash screens using the LiveCD self replicating method? Or, do I need to use the "Install Mandriva 2007.1" method? (I mean the initial syslinux splash screen that says "Mandrivaclub.nl" and the semi-transparent "Mandriva 2007 Spring Free" splash screen) I tried the built in tools in drakconf, but I'm guessing they were designed for HDD installs. 2. How small does my install need to be before compression to squashfs, so that it fits on a CD or 512 MB JD? 3. I want to give everyone proper credit for their work, but also want it to visually represent what I'm trying to do. Including adding some of my own boot instructions. Can I use your newly created logos as part of my new splash screens and in the Documentation? (What I'm going for is "My Rescue CD, Powered by MCNLive, with Special Thanks to Mandrivaclub.nl") P.S.On a side note, in the "Install Mandriva 2007.1 method" of using mklivecd, you say to copy scripts, but do not give a list of files to be copied. I am pretty sure I can figure this out on my own, but I'm guessing that question will come up.
  5. I also just started having this problem at boot.
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