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  1. Got it! It works now. Found this by accident. Just had to add a picture to the top left corner (the image that has limits of 140x40 in Horde settings). Then reloaded the page and the menu is back. Now I took the picture away and it's still there. No one hasn't documented this in any FAQ/wiki yet. Too bad.
  2. Hi. I'm having a problem. I installed Horde application framework (www.horde.org) and it worked nicely out of the box. As you all know, you have to configure it to use a database. That's exactly what I did. After I've set up the database and some other server specific things, the navigation menu disappears. See the attachment. I've had this problem only on this system (have to set it up for others to use later). It uses FC5, PHP5, Apache 2.2.2 and other stuff that needs to be there. Horde tests seem to be "OK". Has anyone figured out how to get that menu back? I also installed Horde on a Mandriva box (PHP4, Apache 2.2) and it doesn't seem to have any problems. I already sent and received mail for that box. I've been searching Horde FAQ site and Wiki for this but they aren't helping, because my problem isn't listed there. I'm able to use Squirrelmail on this box, but my client says that it has to be Horde. Probably because it has more eyecandy. ;) Thanks in advance. -Murda
  3. Thanks paul! It works now. They made me a PTR and dnsstuff shows it correctly. Just have to make subdomains now. :) I'll edit this one to show up as [solved].
  4. Just found out that I don't have a PTR record by checking that from http://www.dnsstuff.com. I read things about setting up PTR and found out that I need to contact my ISP to do that. Am I correct? Just to make things clear, my server is co-located in my ISP's server room, having a static IP assigned by my ISP.
  5. I used these two links as a guide for this. LinuxReviews - Hostname CPQLinux - Hostname And added a line in my /etc/hosts: xx.xx.xxx.xxx domain.tld domain After that I restarted my network interface: /sbin/service network restart Everything seems to be configured correctly, but still no hostname/domainname showing up. I'm thinking that I may have to reboot, but if I do that, I will lose my uptime record. ;) And hey, this is Linux. Reboot after every single configuration change is the Windows style. Does someone have any clue/thoughts about this?
  6. Yes, it is configured there (Fedora file is /etc/hosts btw, as I'm currently using Fedora Core on the machine). There's a line saying But do i need to add another line saying something like Or is it something else?
  7. Hi. I've been thinking that I have to fix this. I have a computer running and I have a domain for it. The problem is, when I make a connection with irssi and do a /whois Murda, it shows murda@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (ip address) instead of my domain. What do I have to do? I've been reading a lot of pages on the internet, but I don't know what to search. Does it have something to do with Reverse DNS? If I type /set hostname mydomain.tld and /connect irc.network.org, it returns an error saying "false argument" (my system is finnish and I translated that false argument stuff). If I type "ssh mydomain.tld" in terminal, it works just fine, e-mail is received correctly to murda@mydomain.tld, and apache answers correctly if I type http://mydomain.tld/ in a browser, but that irssi thing is bothering me and I want to learn how to do things. So, if someone has an answer for this or knows a web page which can guide me during the process, please help me.
  8. Murda

    USB Woes

    The default Mandriva 2006 kernel (and later versions of Mandriva kernel) should include the driver for at least the D-Link adapter, but here's a guide on how to install the driver manually. Try that D-Link adapter, it has RT2570 chip inside, so the installation is pretty simple. I also have rt2500 chip in my laptop and Mandriva could use it without any problems. Now I have Fedora, and all I had to do was install the driver and everything runs smooth. Get the driver from here Read the installation guide from here Hope this helps. EDIT: And yes, my computer crashed all the time before I installed the driver (on Mandriva LE 2005 and FC5). Don't know what's it with these RaLink cards... That Netgear adapter you have, uses prism54 chip, and I remember that I've seen the driver on some of the Mandriva repos. And lastly, that Airlink adapter uses Zydas 1211 chip. Search for drivers designed for these and all should be fine.
  9. I had same kind of an error when I installed a wifi driver, which was a dependency problem. Check that you have gcc, make, and devel packages for those installed. And for scarecrow: Why shouldn't I run ./configure as root? Never heard before that I shouldn't do that.
  10. Murda

    Using Shorewall

    Hi. Why are you using your laptop on a DMZ? You should put it to the LAN side. Otherwise, it might be a bit difficult. Checking your firewall's configuration might also help. Check this too: DMZ
  11. Hello. I'd recommend you to update your kernel first. My wireless card didn't work until I updated to kernel version 2.6.14. Now it even shows the signal strength. It measures the signal strength only on boot, not later anymore. Maybe that feature comes later (or maybe I need to configure something) but I'm happy now. If you need any help updating your kernel, try searching this board, it's full of those urpmi guides. My wireless card is A-Link WL54PC PCMCIA card. But if you have a wireless adapter already installed in your laptop, don't buy a new one, just keep trying to get that one working. Good Luck.
  12. btw, you actually can install Firefox as RPM. Check SeerOfSouls and RPM.pbone.net. Second thing, I thought that Mandriva includes Flashplayer and Java RPMs only on those non-free cds. I mean Powerpack and Powerpack+. So they aren't downloadable from Easy-Urpmi mirrors. Correct me if I'm wrong. And bilbo, ShockwavePlayer isn't available on Linux at all. Just wanted to mention so you don't start searching it. I've searched it without any results.
  13. I have used Arch, but not slack. Arch is just a Linux distro too, there are no elements in it that make it a "advanced user distro". I just keep coming back to Mandriva because of urpmi. No need to fight for 2hrs with my comp to just install a single rpm. And that's what computers are all about. It's not very productive to use an OS (in a big company for example) that requires 1hr of configuration every time you start any application for the first time. That's why we have wizards to do this for us. To get our software to run.
  14. And.. You mean GUI tools are only for noobies? Advanced/experienced users prefer only CLI then? IMHO GUI tools are there to make your life easier. If they don't have the answer you're looking for, you have to go to the CLI side. Distros like SuSE and Mandriva have great GUI tools and the user can do pretty much via GUI. I think that it's only a good thing. Like always in Linux world, you can choose not to install these tools on both of these distros and do all configuration old-school way.
  15. Yes, but in many cases, you don't even have to know about them. Or if you know about them, you don't need them. But this conversation started from Linus Torvalds, who says that he uses FC5 on PPC. Why should he use any of those "advanced" (not noob) distributions when FC5 is able to provide the same environment and same tools as any other "advanced" distro. He's a pro in Linux, but it doesn't mean that he has to use some pro distro because of that. :P
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