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Just a quickie about what programming languages/environments people use.


I'm primarily a Windows programmer (because where I work is a Windows environment), but I've an interest in Linux and cross-platform development. I've nearly completed a project in Java, but wondered whether people here use C++, RealBasic or what? What compilers/IDE's do you use, and anything for cross-platform development?


I'm talking mainly of desktop development, not web based, though feel free to comment if you want to.


Thanks all,




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Windows: bread and butter is Visual Basic 6, Access, and Sql database applications, but I also dabble in .Net apps (VB, C#, and ASP). The new Visual Studio 2005 is incredible. And now the new Visual Studio Express products are available to everyone for free.


Unix and Linux: C and shell programming and sql database apps back years ago.

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I only d oweb development so I'll have to go slightly off topic. My job is a programmer and we tend to develop on windows and deploy on unix (Solaris). We do all of that in Java.


I have recently, however, started to develop Web Services in C#. Some of the visual tools in VS 2005 are really nice and make life very easy. C# is a good language as well (mainly because it's a Java rip off :P ) but it's not yet as robust as Java is - no forced exception handling is my main issue there...

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Thanks for the info and link jboy!


phunni could you please tell me a bit what's the difference between:

1) C/C++ and C#

2) Java and C#

And what's the link between C# and web designing?


I have worked with C/C++ and Java, but never tried C#, so i'm curious about it. Any more info are welcomed too ;)



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Actually they didn't make it up - they nicked it from somewhere else! :P


Don't be put off by the MS link - C# is a good language and will continue to get better. If it included enforced exception handling and methods where overridable by default then it would be an excellent language in my opinion.


VB is for monkeys and spoils .Net a little bit, but C# is very good.


It is essentially Java with a slight C/C++ feel. It's fully OO (very good). There isn't any link between C# and web design as such - in the same that there isn't for Java. But it is useful for building web applications and Web Services, but you still need someone to design the (probably) html from end for your web applications.


If you know Java and/or C++ (especially Java) then C# will be easy for you to pick up.


The only problem is a lack of a decent IDE for it...

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I personally have experience with C++, Java, and VB.Net. I've only done C++ in an msdos (we used borland c++ lite in a high school programming class) and *nix environment (AIX to be exact - in college). Java I've done in both windows and linux, and obviously i've only done vb.net in windows.

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Guest RandomNoise2

I don't know that anyone would call me a programmer. I'm an electronics tech, communications and networks mostly. In the course of that I end up learning lots of bits of various languages just to configure things and keep them going. This includes a lot of low level assembler and custom stuff.


But I also dabble in some C, C++ and Java. I'm trying to get serious about it, just need more time.


I decided to quit playing Monopoly with Bill and gave up everything Microsoft at home back in 1996. Even at work I only use Microsoft when forced to do so. Anyway.....I've found my way around gcc and the associated tools in all that. I'm sure it's easier for you kids nowadays but back in my day we had to tweak and compile everything from scratch, so you had to learn a bit about it. Sometimes we had to do it in a snowstorm too. And we didn't have LCD's, we had big x-ray emitting CRT's. Had to carry them to the shop too and it was uphill.......

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