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Programming experience


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Wow, we are a really nice community here!

Nice to meet you all people! :thumbs:


Yeah, nowadays, the technological world has taken a tremendous pace!

I wonder what is not possible to make nowadays with the Internet!


Btw, thanks for the nice link jboy! :thumbs:

Hey C# seems a bit like C/C++ in its pointer implementation ..lol

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For me I always seem to head back to Java - it's a nice language, and does what I need to. I quite like the NetBeans IDE - version 5 is loads better than 4.1.


Having said that, I also like the MS IDE's. Not had chance to play with Qt yet (I'm still new to Linux) but may will give it a test run one day.


Thanks for all the feedback.



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I like to dabble a little in the programming scene. I am mainly self-taught (I started it as a hobby last year during a fit of boredom studying for med school). Anyway, I like Gtk/C with AnjutaIDE and Qt/C++ with KDevelop.


I was dissapointed that the QDesigner shipped with Qt4 had limited functionality, I don't understand why they thought they had to remove the menu and statusbar widgets...


I tried some Monodevelop with Gtk#, but it was too unstable. It wouldn't even run from the Application menu, I had to run it from the command line... not a HUGE deal, but annoying nonetheless. It will be an awesome IDE once they get it up and running. I like the way C# is set up too.


So, anyway, there you have it ... a letter opener.



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