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phpmyadmin not working since I installed 2006


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Maybe some more info would be of use to help troubleshoot what has gone wrong?


/* URL from top of head */

Do you get anything by going to ? such as the login box ? or any error message ?


Do you get the apache test page at ?


I am not familiar with anything Mandriva 2006 may have done... as I am still using Mandrake 10.1 ;)

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I have a similar problem but mostly with mysql, the issue is that that some authentication package (PAM I thnk) will block something in MySQL making it not run. I will suggest if you can check if your mysql server is running and working correctly.


Another thing might be a permission issue and print the ls -l /var/www/html/admin/

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good idea aioshin :)


[scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ rpm -qa | grep php

hello Scoopy,


I try to paste the code in the console but it tell me commands not found.

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try to check whats in your /var/log/http/access or error log, it might help you   find the cause...


here is the error :


[error] [client :] file does not exist : var/www/htpm/ap2_snmp


i don't understnad because the folder var/www/htpm does not exist on my machine

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