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Disk mounting help...


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Well, after my 2006 install on a new drive, I now have 2 old 40Gb drives sitting in the machine. I was manaully mounting them as necessary to get stuff off them. Now what I would like to do is wipe them both out and make them one volume group (VG) so that they appear as 80Gb of space.


Can I use MCC and the Partition manager to do this? Do I just creat a partition as ext3 and not mount it and create the group after that?


Any help for a newbie would be appreciated. I think 2006 has the capability to do this built in?



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These two drives are "almost" identical, AFAIK their only difference is the bearing mechanism- else their geometry is absolutely matching each other.

You can setup LVM after the installation ( here is a decent general guide), but there must be a more automated procedure via Mandriva Control Center. No Mandy handy ATM, and I've never set a LVM on mandy before, but if you wish I can search for more distro-specific instructions.

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What am I missing??


So on Sunday I figured I would tackle reading the LVM 2 FAQ and see what I could get done. Well first I found that the LVM2 and DMSETUP modules were in the RPM setup so I installed thoses.


After installing, everything went smooth. I haven't used dmsetup for anything, and after the lvm2 install the /dev/mapper directory was already created. I could also use all the tools...



1. I formatted my 2 disks as ext3 with DiskDrake

2. did pvcreate on both (/dev/hdc1 and /dev/hdd1)

3. did vgreate including both above

4. lvcreate -l 19082 myvg -n mylv

5. vgchange -a y myvg

after this it told me that 1 logical volume in 'myvg' now active


So things were looking promising... But now, how do I mount it!


mount /dev/myvg/mylv /data2 => you must specify the filesystem type

mount -t ext3 /dev/myvg/mylv /data2 => wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/...

dmesg | tail => VFS: can't find ext3 filesystem on dev dm-0


Any help?? Seems so close. pvdisplay, and lvdisplay all look good. The directory properties for /dev/myvg are different than others, that is the only thing I see right off, but then again, I am now lost!

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I have 3 hard drives of different sizes but use LVM to make them into one big virtual hard drive. They are two different 80 Gig Western Digital and one 200 Gig Hitachi. I make them into one LVM volume then create partitions on it. With the exception that I reserve about 150 MB on the first hard drive for the boot partition so that I install the bootloader.



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