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Thac and Zé's KDE 3.5 beta rpms, bugs and problems


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I've being trying to update to the latest xorg but I'm having some errors in the attempt. The problem/error I'm getting had to do with "Bad Signatures" on this package that the upgrade is calling to have it install in my computer.



Any idea, How to fix this problem?



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Ummm, since I don't use Mandriva anymore I can't remember the exact position of the urpmi cache, but surely enough it's somewhere inside /var/cache, most probably something like /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/

Look in there if "libncurses5-devel-5.4-1.20050108.1mdk.i586.rpm" exists in that folder, and if it does delete it (using a root console/ Midnight Commander)

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Failing where?

If the "badly signed" package is the problem it may just corrupt. Delete it by hand from the urpmi cache, and try reinstalling KDE.

No need to uninstall kde due to this litle issue.

In first place you have the #MDE channel support in irc.freenode.net from wich we also give a good irc client named kvirc.


Now answering to your question, to uninstall a package you can do:

urpme foo.rpm




rpm -e foo.rpm


remember that you will have dependencies problems if you just want to remove the package libncurses5-devel, so you will have to use:

urpme --allow-nodeps foo.rpm




rpm -e --nodeps foo.rpm


You also have severall gui interfaces to install/uninstall rpms, from drakrpm, smart and kpackage (a kde gui)

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