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internet radio + linux


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I just discovered internet radio. I know, I'm behind the timess... Anyway, Ive been listening to a "station" that plays hard/heavy rare rock from the late-60s to the early-80s. I've been using my win2k machine to listen.


I'd rather use my linux box to listen to these internet radio stations My FC3 box has a better 3-pc speaker system than my win2k box. What is needed to enjoy these stations using a linux box?



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I would think that would depend on what your Internet radio station uses. I listen a lot to stations at Live365, which will use RealPlayer. You have RealPlayer, more than likely, with your Mandrake distro. Otherwise, I'd post what format your Internet station uses..



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I listen a lot to stations at Live365


yep, the station I mentioned is a live365 station.


with your Mandrake distro


well, I plan to install mandriva LE2005 over my FC3 install, but I am still using FC3 at least for a little while longer


I've got this crappy "Helix" player that is ALWAYS coming up whenever I try to play anything on the web, audio or video. And all helix ever says is "sorry, Helix does not have the capability to do that". Its such a worthless garbage program, I hope I never see it again. How do I get rid of it, or how do I make xmms the program that comes with I play video or audio on the web?


Just right-click the 'Listen' link and copy the link and add it to your playlist in xmms


I'm not sure how to do that. When I go to the website, and click on the Radio icon, it normally just pops up a window and starts playing (well, it does in windoze). In linux when the window pops up, helix player comes up and just says "sorry I'm too retarded to do what you want". I googled on xmms and shoutcast, and found several people having problems.

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Well, I am actually listening to a live365 station on my linux box right now...!! I can't believe it.... I guess linux just takes some fiddling about to do stuff like this. What I did was click on the radio station icon, firefox popped up a window about opening a playlist file, so I said save to disk (desktop), and then I just dragged it onto xmms. May not be the best way. When the window pops up about the playlist file, I'd rather just tell it to use xmms to open it, but I don't know where to browse to find xmms.



Meanwhile, earlier I found some really good help on the live365 webpage:


How do I listen to Live365 using Linux?



While you may be able to listen with certain players and configurations using Linux, Live365 does not officially support that operating system.


Ok, now I need a tutorial on this playlist stuff. I am totally new to playlists, internet radio, streaming stuff, and all that. This playlist file that I saved to my desktop, and then dragged onto xmms - what exactly is it? Is it a "pointer" to the location of the streaming media, or is it actually a file of the music?

Since I have been listening to this for about an hour now, if I stop playing it, and then later come back and drop the playlist file onto xmms again - will it start playing the same stuff I have already heard, or will it be playing different stuff...? Sorry, this is all new to me.


EDIT: well, ok, after listening to this station for a couple of nights, it seems that it is just the same songs playing over & over. I haven't tried to figure out how long it is before it starts over again.

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I listen to streams using xmms. They run constantly while I work. Using xmms is just about like the old Winamp, even uses Winamp skins. If you can use Winamp, you can use xmms. I have Firefox setup to use xmms as the default audio player and I can just click on the little 'speaker' (listen) icon on the Live365 site and open it in xmms, just like with Winamp or Winshaft Media Player in Windoze. You can also find streams other places besides Live365.


I listen mostly to mp3 streams, 128k or better when possible. A few faves:

Radio Paradise (playing now...)

Radio Wazee

Paradynamic Roadhouse - Drink or Die!

ABS Bluescast

...and a bunch of others.

In the xmms Playlist window, just click on the '+File' button, choose '+URL' and put the URL in and go...


With xmms or Streamtuner you can make playlists of stations to load so you don't have to go to Live365 first at all, just click on the station name in your playlist. Or play mp3, wave, etc. files off your HD or audio CDs. Streamtuner is nice too, but xmms is simpler and does all I need. I use Streamripper if I want to save a stream to disk.

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well, I've been listening to internet radio for awhile now on my linux box. It's great. The only thing that bugs me is that when I click on the speaker icon of a station, it asks me what to do with the playlist file - open with Helix Player or download to disk. I always select download to desktop, then I drag & drop it onto xmms, which works fine, but I would rather open it with xmms directly.


I have Firefox setup to use xmms as the default audio player and I can just click on the little 'speaker' (listen) icon on the Live365 site and open it in xmms,


How do you do that? I don't see any Default Audio Player choices in Firefox, and when the What Do You Want To Do With This File? pops up with the Helix Player selected, I don't know where to Browse to change it to xmms...


EDIT: I figured out where xmms was - usr/bin. Now I can open these playlists directly. Thanks.


I'd still like to make xmms the default though, instead of helix player.

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I would definitely take a look at streamtuner per the above posts. If you have a contrib urpmi source set up the rpms for streamtuner are there so you just have to:


# urpmi streamtuner


One really great thing about streamtuner is that you can easily record xiph and streamcast broadcasts if you also install "streamripper"; streamtuner serves as a convenient front end to a lot of stuff. It's really a great app.

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I don't think FC3 would like it if I tried an urpmi... :unsure:


However, I am planning soon to install Mandriva LE2005 on my FC3. It'll be the first time I ever had 2 distros on one box.


So I'll mess around with what you suggested after I get mandriva installed... thanks !

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