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  1. Registered Linux User?

    Registered user No. 397038.
  2. Registered Linux User?

    I'm probably the last person to find out about this, but I thought it was interesting, so I'll pass it along. There's a website, called, "The Linux Counter," where you can register as a Linux user and also register the information about your system. No mailing lists or anything, it seems, if you choose to register. Once you register, you get a cool little Linux logo, showing you as a registered Linux user, with your registered user number. From the website, you can see a breakdown by country, state and city, as to how many registered Linux users there are in each place. Also, you can see how long Linux boxes have been up without a reboot. Kind of cool to be able to look at the statistics, I thought! Anyway, if you're interested, the website is: http://counter.li.org/ You might find it interesting to check out and register as a Linux user. All distros of Linux are welcome! Regards, zenarcher
  3. Looking for pgp encryption software

    You can encrypt and sign email using KGPG and Evolution email. It works perfectly for me. Regards, zenarcher
  4. Ubuntu

    I think you wil find that the free Ubuntu disks only have Gnome and not KDE. Also, there are not nearly the applications pre-loaded on the Ubuntu distro. I haven't played much with the Ubuntu, so I can't tell you much more. Not even as to the ATI, as I use Nvidia video cards. But, I don't think I'd trade my Mandriva 2005 LE, which I use, for Ubuntu. I have used Ubuntu as an intro for people interested in playing with Linux, however, and many like it.
  5. Questions - how and why?

    I can help you with a couple of your questions.... 5) I would tell you that the easiest way to update Firefox to Version 1.0.4 would be to use the RPM install. If you go to http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/2/simple/2 you will find that easy to do. Uncheck all the boxes except for Mandrake 10.X (I'm assuming you are using a version of Mandriva)...and enter Firefox in the search. This will bring you to the Firefox RPM's...probably the one you want will be for 10.1. Just download and save to your desktop. My suggestion is to go into your System>Configuration>Packaging>Remove Software.....Search for Firefox and remove the old version. Then, go back to your desktop and click on the RPM you downloaded. It will install automatically for you. There are other ways to do it, but I find this the easiest way and I'm new to Linux. As for your AIM.....Look in your menu for GAIM. You can use GAIM for your AOL IM, I am sure...although I don't use IM...I know this should set up for what you want to do. 3) Your question 3.....Go to System>Configuration>KDE>Power Control and make sure Enable Display Power Management is not checked. If it is, uncheck it. I don't want to confuse you with some of the other questions you have, but I'm sure someone will help you real soon. Regards, zenarcher As for your question 3, I was assuming you are using KDE. I don't know much about GNOME, as I haven't used it.
  6. Bad RAM? [solved]

    I'm really glad I am not the only one to experience this same problem. I've had it with not only one machine, but three of them....two being absolutely identical. All are custom machines I've built. I kept receiving the same error message with Windows XP Pro SP2. Every "expert" insisted it was a RAM issue. I've tested and switched RAM and done everything I could think of, but could not resolve the problem. Likewise, after switching over to Linux....I've not had one single problem in over five months. I contine to insist that it is a Windows issure.
  7. You might check Evolution, under Settings>Options under the Junk tab. If you have Filter Options Includes Remote Tests checked, this could possibly slow down your receiving email.
  8. PDF links in firefox [solved]

    I'm experiencing the same thing with Mandriva 2005. I'm not sure what's going on with it. zenarcher
  9. Advantages

    For me, Mandrake was easy to install and start using, as a Linux beginner. I first tried SUSE, which installed easily, but then, anywhere from ten seconds to five minutes after booting up, my entire system would freeze up. I asked for help on several forums and could not get an answer that would solve the problem. I then installed Mandrake 10.1 and everything just worked. Having the 6 CD set, I had virtually every program I could want or need. I have upgraded to Mandriva 2005 (6 CD set) and would not even consider any other distro. zenarcher
  10. internet radio + linux

    I would think that would depend on what your Internet radio station uses. I listen a lot to stations at Live365, which will use RealPlayer. You have RealPlayer, more than likely, with your Mandrake distro. Otherwise, I'd post what format your Internet station uses.. zenarcher
  11. 2005LE x86_64 iso

    On their website, they say they ship worldwide....and charge $5.95 shipping. I don't know if that includes worldwide shipping or not, but you can contact them with questions directly from their website. I don't know the company, but have ordered many products from them and never been disappointed in what I received. zenarcher
  12. 2005LE x86_64 iso

    About all I have seen regarding your question is the distribution available on 1 DVD, rather than one CD. I have often obtained distributions from this place and have never been disappointed. Perhaps you could check it out, or even email and ask them as to what is included. https://www.sarahgifts.com/~linux/index.php...edf3434380cdc10 zenarcher
  13. I am very new to Linux, but making progress. My problem now, is that I'm trying to set up a SATA RAID0 array, using two 80G SATA hard drives. I am trying to set up a software RAID0 using mdadm in Mandriva 2005LE. I had someone helping me in another forum and attained limited success, but did not succeed. I did manage to create the RAID0 array, but when I attempted to MV to finish, I ran into trouble. When I attempted the MV, I received an error No Such File or Directory Found. Upon Rebooting, I merely got a login screen and could go no further. Here are the steps I followed in the process: 1) I partitioned the drives, prior to a clean install. The drives were partitioned as follows: Disk 1 01 1.5GB primary /dev/sda1 Swap swap 02 9.0GB primary /dev/sda5 Ext3 / 03 63.0GB primary /dev/sda6 none Disk 2 01 1.5GB primary /dev/sdb1 Swap mount point none(told to leave as none for now) 02 9.0GB primary /dve/sdb5 Ext3 mount point none(told to leave as none for now) 03 63.0GBprimary /dev/sdb6 Ext3 mount point none(told to leave as none for now) NOTE: I was told I would not use /dev/sdb5 for a RAID volume. It would be backup-storage for the upcoming procedures. Following partitioning, I installed Mandriva onto the 9GB partition on Disk 1. The MBR was installed to /dev/sda At this point, everything was working fine, but I had not created the RAID volume as of yet. Using mdadm, I created one RAID volume as such: #mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=0 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sda6 /dev/sdb6 After doing this, I got the message: mdadm: chunk size defaults to 64K mdadm: array /dev/md0 started etc/mdadm.conf mdadm.conf was in the folder /etc In mdadm.conf I added the following: DEVICE /dev/sda6 /deev/sdb6 I then opened a console and gave the command: # mdadm --detail --scan I copies the line beginning with ARRAY and added it as the second line in the text-file. I saved it in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf In the terminal, I then typed the command: # mdadm -As /dev/md0 I got the message: Device /dev/md0 already active -cannot assemble it In /etc/stab I added the following entry: /dev/md0 /raid ext3 defaults 0 0 I was told this entry would be for the backup partition which will be used later. I then opened a terminal and typed: mkdir /raid /save I then attempted to mount the backup-partition and RAID array with the commands: mount/dev/sdb5 and mount/dev/md0 I got an error: Wrong FS type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb5, 0r too many mounted file systems. I thenm ran mkfs.ext3 /dev/md0 and mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb5 after when everything seemed to work. I then tested the RAID device, entering # cp -R /usr /raid After doing this....I found I was in trouble! I could no longer open a terminal and after rebooting, I could only get a logon request and could not logon. Is there anyone out there who could help walk a really dumb newbie through setting up a SATA RAID0 array, using mdadm, as I am attempting to do? I'm really getting tired of re-installing the whole system, when I make a mistake in this...and not making much progress. I really could use some help. I've read and read everything I can and either I'm not understanding it, or I'm not finding the right info. Maybe my senior citizen brain isn't comprehending everything I'm reading, but help would be greatly appreciated!!! Regards, zenarcher [moved from Software by spinynorman] Well, having posted to every forum I could find, I've been unable to locate anyone who seems to have any understanding of mdadm and the process to set up the SATA RAID0 array. Out of complete desperation, I emailed Neil Brown, who maintains mdadm. Explaining that I'm very new to Linux and completely lost, even after reading about using mdadm, I asked for help from him. I really didn't know if I'd receive a response, or not. Within minutes, Neil responded to my email...and after four or five emails, figuring out exactly what I was trying to do, Neil has walked me through the entire process! What a guy!! If anyone is interested in the SATA RAID0, here is exactly what Neil explained to do: PARTITION DRIVES (SUGGESTED) DRIVE 1 Partition Size Name Type Name 01 10G / Ext3 sda1 02 1G Swap Swap sda5 03 69G /home Ext3 sda6 DRIVE 2 Partition Size Name Type Name 01 1G Swap Swap sdb1 02 79G /home2 Ext3 sdb5 mdadm -C /dev/md0 -l 0 -n 2 /dev/sda6 /dev/sdb5 mkfs -j /dev/md0 mv /home /home.tmp mkdir /home chmod 755 /home mount /dev/md0 /home # if there is anything worth keeping in /home.tmp then cp -a /home.tmp/. /home rm -r /home.tmp echo "/dev/md0 /home ext3 defaults 0 2" >> /etc/fstab # edit /etc/fstab and make sure it looks "right" mdadm -Db /dev/md0 | sed '/devices=/d' >> /etc/mdadm.conf # edit /etc/mdadm.conf and make sure it looks "right" NOTES: You would need to be sure that "mdadm -As" or similar is run by the rc scripts. I don't know exactly how Mandrake decides whether to do that or not. Hunt around in /etc/init.d to see. IF you aren't confident in judging if fstab and mdadm.conf are "right", feel free to email them to me and I will look.
  14. XMMS problem on Mandriva LE 2005

    I just installed LE2005 yesterday and installed xine and the xine-win32 and codecs. I hadn't tried to play a .wmv yet, but after reading this post, decided to give it a try. Worked perfectly here. zenarcher
  15. I've been running Mandrake 10.1 PowerPack, but decided to get the new Mandriva 2005 LE (6 CD Set) and give it a try. It arrived yesterday and rather than upgrading, I did a clean install. I just thought I'd like to say that everything installed perfectly, the very first time! Looking through the available applications, I'm really impressed! Much more than with 10.1 and many of the applications I have been using in 10.1 are nicely improved. All hardware was recognized during the install, including my HP multi-function printer. Didn't even have to go back and install it later. I'm really happy I decided to order 2005 LE. I might add that I'm very new to Linux and Mandrake, really. I've been using it for about 4 months, so am not very proficient, yet. I'll also say I'm in the senior citizen age group and you can learn new things, even then! I had worked with MS from MS DOS 5.0 through Windows XP and I'd never go back! I'm trying to set up a software SATA RAID array, using mdadm, but not successful there, yet. I have managed to create the RAID0 array, but doing something wrong, when I go to move...as I lose my entire system. Well, I'll get some help on that, eventually. System: Custom built by me AMD XP3000+ 1 GHz PC2700 RAM 2 - 80GB SATA hard drives MSI KT6V motherboard Nvidia FX5200 Video Card Next step is to replace the motherboard and processor with an AMD 64 bit! zenarcher