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Firefox and JRE


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I finally got around to installing Java on Mandy 10.1, and - though I can't be 100% certain - I'm convinced that the chrome of Firefox looks subtly different. I'm talking widgets such as scrollbars, progress-bars and toolbar buttons; the 'boring' stuff, which is why I can't say for certain they were different before, but I'm pretty sure the progress-bars used to be blue and are now grey.


Can anyone comment on this? It doesn't really bother me, I'd just like to know if I'm likely to be correct in this feeling, and if so, why.


EDIT: I use the same theme for Firefox on Windows and didn't notice a corresponding change when I installed Java (same version).


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I use Firefox with the noia extreme theme and it works a treat for me both Windows and Linux.


I've not noticed any oddities, but I'll certainly take a closer look and compare now that you mentioned it!

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Oh yeah.. I hadn't thought to mention which theme was in use. I use a variant of the Orbit theme; not the one(s) on Mozilla update, got it from here:


http://www.erdevee.nl/moz/fx/themes/ [grey one in my case]


I don't know too much about how the themes are constructed, but it's interesting to note that they come in a .JAR (Java archive) format.


I wonder if this is to do with FF's "Cross-platform COM" system. Again, no information on this, but possibly it has a hierarchy of GUI systems it can use per platform, and will switch to the most preferred if it becomes available?


On the other hand, why would it prefer Swing (or awt or whatever) over GTK, Qt or whatever it might have been using before? I mean if it has to go through the JVM to run, that can't be more efficient than using a native toolkit, shirley?


So, umm... any GUI toolkit experts indahouse?

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