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Sound not working properly?


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Have MDK 10.0 OE with all updates applied. When I installed, the sound wouldn't work, because it required ALSA 1.0.4 or higher - 10.0 comes with 1.0.2.


I upgraded ALSA to 1.0.8, and ran alsaconf and sound was configured correctly using intel8x0. The services start fine.


I then had to remove mute and set the volumes and make the user a member of audio. I went into KDE Sound System and clicked the test button, and I hear the tune that's normally played at startup.


However, I do not hear this when the system starts, nor do I hear sound throughout KDE. If I go into the KDE System Notifications, I click the play button for the sound associated to whatever the event is, and nothing is heard.


Any ideas to solve, greatly appreciated! :help:

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isn't that because the KDE Souns System is aRTs?


my guess its this way: SoundCard is used by the ALSA Service, ALSA Service is used by aRTs, and so if you would like to play in this configuration something you would have to use aRTs playback module


your setup is working (TEST -> ok), so you have to use the aRTs output source

(i.e. XMMS: xmms-arts(...).rpm installed and set as the output plugin)


thats one way (setting all apps to use aRTs)


the second ways is to turn the aRTs off and leave the ALSA to deal with the sound (all apps set to ALSA)


and third way: 1st + 2nd = 3rd :)

set at the KDE Sound System to disable the system after n-seconds when the system is idle

this way you will have the aRTs and ALSA to use (NOT AT ONCE, only one or other)


hope it helped

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Got it all configured for ALSA. Machine is running 10.1, kernel-, alsa configured and all running fine. KDE configured with ALSA and full duplex. Click the test button, got sound.


Run Frozen Bubble, got sound.


Login to KDE, no sound playing back, and again when I log out. None of the KDE events are playing back.

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Anyone have any more ideas on this before I start a rebuild? (lol).


Basically, I think the problem has to do with this fact. I installed 10.0 OE from 3 CD's, and because this has ALSA 1.0.2, it doesn't have support for the soundcard on installation.


Regardless of the fact that I then updated the system and installed the latest kernel, ran alsaconf and then have sound for some things, KDE still has problems.


Since 10.1 OE has ALSA 1.0.6, I should have the support at initial install. I did try a urpmi upgrade from 10.0 to see if this would resolve the problem, but it didn't. KDE still has the sound problem (works for test, but not for anything else), whereas some programs don't and sound works fine (Frozen Bubble for instance is OK).


Thanks for everyone's help so far, very much appreciated. If I can't resolve, then a rebuild will be done from 10.1 OE as I reckon that'll be the easy way, rather than trying to figure out what's happening. I know not the best, as it's better to learn why there's only partial sound and resolve.

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I like the beeps! :cheesy:


Well, actually, I'm not too fussed really. It's on my test system (Wife's Computer), and she only uses MDK for Frozen Bubble! At least I got sound working for that, she'd be doing my head in otherwise. :P


PS - She doesn't know it's a test system! Best not let her read this!!!

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I've fixed the problem!


I did a urpmi to LE2005, and ensured that the rpmnew's were all in place, and rebooted, set the volume etc, and it's all working in KDE!


I think perhaps before I must have missed an rpmnew or something, which was why I was having problems.


Anyway, it's bang up-to-date now, and sound, and everything, so it's all complete!

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