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batch convert ogg to mp3

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I echo this, seeing as though the re-encoding will produce a loss of quality.


Considering the conversion from OGG to MP3 produces the same if not more reduction in quality, what is the point of even doing that? They're based on totally deffierent psycho-aucustic (sp?) models so when you convert them you lose everything that MP3 removes and then everything that OGG removes on top of that.


On the other hand, I'm not sure what the difference between MP3 and AAC is in their compression techniques, but since they're both MP* maybe they're more similar ... Anyone know?

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nchancock: well, because there are many devices out there that won't play Vorbis but _will_ play MP3 (quick example off the top of my head, my PSP). That's why there may be a decent recent to do that particular transcode. I've never heard of something that'll play MP4s but not MP3s, though, which is why I question the need to do _that_ transcode.

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