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Ballmer Says Longhorn Will Support Linux


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Yeah, it's all about control. It's a bit patronising as well - like, "yeah, shame, you're using Linux, so I guess we'll have to make our Operating System capable of working with it to accomodate you until you can move over to the superior Longhorn server."

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I thought this was quite positive, with the obvious exception of the

Much as that hurts my eyes
comment which seemed like something my 7 year old would say when told to do something he didn't want to.


I also liked the articles introduction about the scope being

up to and including Linux systems
(my emphasis).


I read it as a MS control thing but also an admission that people are going to be using other software and that if they do not provide this functionality they (MS) risk losing out completely.



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I'm in two minds about this. It could go either way.


The good way: Linux is being taken seriously by M$, which means that lots of people may give it a look-in where it wasn't available before. This may give it traction in a business marketplace.


The bad way: support is flaky and problems are blamed on Linux. Also, people considering moving away from M$ to Linux may just take this support as an excuse not to bother migrating.

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