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SIS SI7012 -No Audio-


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Hello all,


I just put a new system together which has the SIS SI7012 sound card built onboard. Alsaconf detects the sound card and the mixer shows everything should be fine, however no sound will come out. Anybody know of any issues with Mandrake 10.0 and this sound card? I've got the sound system turned on and set to ALSA, and the ALSA service is running as well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


BTW: It's using the snd-Intel8x0 driver



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Use the Mandrake tools to setup the soundcard. They will detect if some things are missing and auto install them. If you get errors when you setup that card post 'm.


Thanks for the reply.


I already have set up the soundcard with alsaconf, and made sure it's not muted with alsamixer. I looked in the hardward profile for my sound card in MCC as well, all looks fine. No errors have ever come up. Still no sound though :/

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Click run config tool and select the module (driver) you want to use. That's it. Make sure alsa is running (system, services). Stop/start it to be sure. Make sure every sound app is closed while you are doing this, including apps like kmix in the systray. If you don't get errors it is a mixer problem. Open alsamixer, mute everything and start opening up channels. Probably the default 'main' channel isn't connected to your speakers (so you could try switching the jack).

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