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Show Off Your Desktop: Feb. 2005


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meh nothing...you got a diff mcity there dude



and this is from the screenie for the mcity at gnome-look



only other possibility is that you are using an old metacity pkg, which I doubt. Not only that you have an old but that something new was implimented in this particular theme. Maybe redownload and reset?

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I figured it out.




Im running the metacity that comes with the GTK, latest version, 0.3, the seperate one is the one you are using, the one here:


Notes from the one you have's page.


Differences to the last version included in Clearlooks 0.3 (Gtk engine) are a more rounded look for the buttons, slightly smaller icons and some minor fixes.


So we're both using clearlooks mcity ;)

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ah yes!

you know, the question is...how come I compiled/installed the engine twice, even yesterday, and never got a mcity? Then a separate mcity is released? Why not a clearlooks-0.3.1 or something? I'll make mention this sort of needless confusion so that it hopefully doesn't happen in the future. The separate mcity needs to be removed IMO. Not too big a deal I know but still unnecessary.

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When does the voting start?

whenever someone that cares to vote post the thread with all NOMINATED SCREENSHOTS?


I don't have time and don't see why any one particular person needs to do it. First to post the Show Off and Vote threads....is the one that does it. Unless of course someone wants to volunteer....but no one did last time asked.

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