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Partitioning [SOLVED]


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Hello. Due to some istallation trouble I'm having with 10.0 official, which is the subject of another forum, I am trying to completely remove all Linux partitions and start from scratch.


I have 10 gig with Windows ME using 5 and ML on the other. I have done this before and it worked fine, but this time I am not as sucessful. On Win ME I have PartitionMagic 8.0 installed. I wanted to delete all Linux partitions and make the whole 10 gig one DOS primary partition again.


When I booted into Win ME and started PM, I got several boot sector errors that PM said it fixed. After each error was fixed, I got and init error that it didn't recognize the drive letter and PM would not start.


I rebooted with a Win 98 boot disk and started fdisk. It showed one primary partition of 5 gig and another extended partition. I told fdisk to delete the extended partition. I knew something wasn't right because I did't get the error that I had to delete logical partitions before the extended one.


Afterwards, fdisk only showed the primary partition with Win ME. When I rebooted, it went into the Linux boot, which again was not expected. Finally it gave me an error that it couldn't boot so I hit a key, as told, and went into the boot manager and started Windows.


I started PM again and it showed the one 5 gig partition as my whole drive and nothing more. I can't see the other 5 gig, it should at least be showing 10 gig overall with 5 partitioned and the other 5 unallocated. Do I need to format the drive and reinstall ME as well? If I do, will it format the whole 10 or just the 5? Would it help to restore the master boot record with fdisk?


Thanks. :unsure:

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instead of using Partition Magic, try booting with the Mandrake boot disk, then choose expert install & use Disk Drake to reformat/repartition the parts you want.


could be PM isn't seeing a particular FS. what were you using on the MDK partitions? ext2,3, reiser?



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Honestly Chris, I don't know. I was having problems with installation. During the install I eventually got to the part where I test my video. After a couple of tries I got to a blue screen with crosshairs that I could control with the mouse and that was it. I waited the 12 seconds, or whatever it said in the docs and pressed every key on the keyboard. Anyway, I rebooted and it went into the Mandrake text logon. I wanted to try again from scratch and make the whole drive one dos partition again.


I had done this before, and PM saw everything fine. Just this time its not working. I will use the Mandrake tool, as you guys have suggested, tomorrow or as soon as I get a chance. I'll keep you posted... literally! :lol2:

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Me again. I did as you guys suggested and used the Mandrake disk utility. Sure enough, it worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch, for now on when it comes to dealing with the Linux partitions, I'll go straight to that utility and forget PM.

I use nothing but PM8 B)

The reason it had problems was because of changes made to the partition table by a linux partitioner to begin with. I've always allowed it to fix errors and never had a problem. You were less fortunate. I suggest that if you use a linux partitioner, use something other than diskdrake.

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Thanks bvc. I do like PM8, but in this case, it didn't work.


Anyway, I know this is off topic, but I see you support Ubuntu. Is that one good? I've read good things. Mandrake is giving me problems and if I can't figure it out, I'm thinking of trying another distro and Ubuntu was one I was considering.


I don't want to fill this board with Ubuntu off topic posts, so feel free to email me at keithmj1026@yahoo.com with any pros and cons if you have a moment to do so. Thanks! :thanks:

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