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click this link now !!!!


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I've got a webserver running at home now ... so I want to do some speed tests etc.

so follow this link http://loudas.com and tell me how it goes (response time etc)


my setup

2x desktops (1 P4 1.4 and 1 dual P3 1gig) on lan 192.168.x.x (Mandrake Workstation DVD)

1x web and mail server (celeron 733) on DMZ 10.0.x.x and (MDK D/load edition)

1x firewall / router (celeron 333) with 3 NIC's --> WAN(, LAN(192.168.x.x), DMZ(10.0.x.x) (Mandrake MNF)


2x DNS servers (ns1.loudas.com) and (ns2.loudas.com)

1x Webserver (www.loudas.com)

1x POP3 server (pop3.loudas.com)

1x SMTP server ...with no relaying :twisted: (smtp.loudas.com)


and notice a completely Mandrake environment :D ... and the wife even likes it !!!!!!


Mandrake MNF is Masq'ing 192.168.x.x as

all services are closed at the firewall except HTTP,HTTPS,POP3,SMTP,DNS (which are forwarded to the websever and DNS ACCEPT'ed from (so I can have Primary and secondary DNS)

I've done a relay test on POSTFIX and all is well :P

my bandwidth tests say my connection is 300kbits (which is pretty good for NZ) ... I'm getting download speeds of 65kbps (which is OK)

I just want to know how it responds from outside.


all this over a 15 kilometer wireless link !!!!!

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