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should I switch?


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hello all ... I'm new here and I need your advice !


well , i have been a on-off linux mandrake ( and college linux ) user for 4 years now . i've had many problems with linux ( incompatibility issues , thats why I'm an on-off user of linux ) . I'm seriously considering getting rid of windows for good , but I have a few questions to ask :


1) I have a Casio E-125 organizer , will mandrake support it ( can I sync , use avantgo , install programs on it ? etc ) ?

2) I have a 4.1 sound system for my pc , its plugged in two ports of my soundcard , can i get it to work on linux ?

3) I burn alot of nrg and cdi images , can I burn them on linux ?

4) is there kazaa for linux ( a one that actually works ?

5) how well does winex work ?


so what do you think ? should I switch ?

thanks !

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Q1 - A quick google turned up some links to people who have been able to get it working. Didn't read, so I'm not sure how.


Q2 - Not sure. I just use my little 2 channel set up.


Q3 - I believe so, but don't hold me to it.


Q4 - No kazaa for Linux, but you can make it work in Linux. Better yet use Overnet, Limewire or Bittorrent.


Q5 - Not well (at least in my experience) Was there something in particular you were trying to get to run?


Should you switch? - Of course (what else would I say :D)


Maybe someone else can give you a better answer on Q2-3


BTW - Welcome to the board

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3. I don't know a linux software that burns nrg but you can convert the nrgs to other formats using kiso.


4. As kmc77 said there are better native p2p clients than Kazaa. Azureus, Bittorent, LimeWire, aMule, xMule, lMule etc.


5. Yeah WineX sucks big time. Cedega is a better but not to my expectations. You can try it and see if it works for your apps.

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