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Problems installing software


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You need to burn it as 3 iso's (or advanced users can cheat and just use one but 3 is simpler and the recommended way but yuou can use CDRW)


Install as NEW... don't upgrade.....


When your finished installing, internnet is working etc. come back here and check the FAQ for easy urpmi...


this is the online repository for installing new SW...

the first thing you will need is DVD playback which means using the plf source (you will learn what this means in the FAQ) and then you add libdvdcss2 (which is the file for playing encrpted DVD's) ...


you can then try lots of different video editng SW....

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You need CD's 1-3 burned too.


(Did you already burn these )


Upgrades are not the best way..clean installs are better specially for noobies cos then they are 'clean' and unexpected things dont happen :D


Once you have them you put in Cd1 and then just reboot ... use the same partitions it did last time and reformat them....


It 'should be fine'


Did you dload the CD for the OE or CE...

The OE might be better, although its less 'bleedding edge' it is supposedly more stable and less not working as it should...

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