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Looking at Nvidia FX5200 and FX5700


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I'd like to know if I'd see a big difference in the performance of the two cards.

Mainly like playing UT2k4.


Thoughts please ?


And any other suggestions are welcome.



Sys Specs:

    Intel 2.66ghz 
    1gb 800mhz RDram gives me 1100+mb/sec cached reads with hdparm  :)
    533mhz fsb

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I have to say that the probably best one would be the FX5700. Not only is the model higher but it sounds more new, I have just looked it up and this is the card that they use at my local LAN Party. So I have actually tested out and it performs like a charm. I think you should defenetly go with the FX5700 sys spec on your computer are good they should all run together very good. :thumbs:



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The 5700 cards have better pixel shader engines than the 5200 cards, and UT2KXXX loves pixel shaders, so take the step up. I know I wish I hadn't cheaped out on my video card for this system, I will probably end up breaking down and replacing it soon with a 5700LE.

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