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What is wrong with Linux?

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an interesting opinion there reminded me this thread. I think the guy expressed very well what I and other here like gowator think:


Besides graphics, the integration with the command-line environment is also poor. If you change a setting using the command line you are usually "on your own" and you are not expected to see these changes replicated in the graphical version of the tool. The graphical configuration tools are aimed for "those who don't know how to edit config text files" which is in my own opinion an awful approach. Instead graphical tools should provide "an additional" way of modifying these files. How many times did you find a script that recalls another one with a comment that says "don't touch this, generated automatically by Kjoe"?. The Linux desktop will never get far with this kind of hacks. It is true that part of the problem is that many utilities such as sendmail have configuration files so badly designed that it is very hard to reconstruct them by using a GUI parser, but hey, what about XML?. Every application should be able to be configured either by hand using a text editor or by a GUI application using ONE configuration file. Programmers should start to write "GUI friendly" configuration files.


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