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I am looking for a simple package that will convert sound files between the different formats. I don't want something that does 800 other things.

I have tried a couple of the packages(audacity,rosegaden) and they are cumbersome and slow. I just want something quick and easy. I actually had one for windoze it was very nice, I hope I can find one for mandrake.

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?                ogg <-> mp3

you wont find many utilities that would do that route since both formats are lossy formats. it would be better if you rip it from an original source (CD) and then convert it to either ogg or mp3. I have tried converting back mp3 back to CDDA (format of audio CD) and the result was not the same but still enough for my needs.



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If you use KDE an easy way to rip to ogg files is to put the CD in the drive, go to Konqueror, then go to the sidebar, choose "Services", Audio CD. Then just go and copy the Ogg folder in Audio CD to a drive on your hard drive and Konqueror should do all the ripping and converting automatically. You should be able to do this with mp3 as well but Mandrake doesn't compile KDE with the right options. I don't use ogg as my CD/mp3 player doesn't support ogg but I found this out when I was looking for ways to rip my CD collection (I use grip which once you set it up, ripping is just a one-click operation).


To configure the ripping options for both ogg and mp3 ripping and a cddb server to get the titles and artist names automatically go to the KDE Control Centre and Choose "Sound"->"Audio CDs".

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You should be able to do this with mp3 as well but Mandrake doesn't compile KDE with the right options.


Is that true? Is that still true for LE2005? I had read that with lame installed, the options magically appear as an extra tab in the KDECC under Sound - Audio CDs but I don't see it, and I don't get an mp3 folder on the CD in Konqueror, just an "Ogg Vorbis".


lame works fine from the command line, but that trick with audiocd:/ is kinda cool, is there no way of getting that to work with Mandriva?

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No, I don't want to convert ogg -> mp3, I just want to rip a CD into either ogg or mp3, depending on mood :)


with that Konqueror trick I can simply go into the CD and see the oggs and wavs, and copy/paste or drag/drop to somewhere else. I thought I should be able to do the same with mp3s once I had lame installed.


I can of course copy/paste the wavs from the CD to somewhere, then go to a shell and run lame from the command line - that works, but is there no way to get the audiocd:/ widget working with lame on Mandriva?

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Um.... I don't think I explained myself very well here, sorry!


I have an audio cd, not a data cd. I want to rip it to either ogg or mp3. I could use either an app (eg grip, soundkonverter) or a command-line tool (eg lame, oggenc) to do this. But there is a cool way for oggs just with a simple copy/paste or drag/drop within Konqueror, using the audiocd:/ protocol.

See the second half of http://www.virtualsky.net/daves/new.htm (or Uiler's post above) for a better explanation of what I mean.


What I want to do, is use the same easy copy/paste interface with Konqueror to make mp3s as well, in the same way I can make oggs. According to arstechnica:

If you use KDE, konqueror provides the audiocd:/ kioslave, which shows the audio CD in konqueror as an audio CD and two folders, an MP3 folder, and an OGG folder. You simply drag the folder you want the audio to be encoded onto your target, and KDE handles the rest, ripping and encoding the audio in the format you choose.

But even after I installed lame, I still don't see the mp3s. Which is when I read Uiler's post in this thread saying that you can't do it in Mandriva's version of KDE. :(


Anyone know if it's possible with Mandriva, or does it only work for oggs?

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