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Mageia Release 1 is out!


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There is still no XMMS or gapcmon (APC UPS Back-Ups) packages.


Nor can the Frei0r-plugins for OpenShot be easily installed even though the present version of OpenShot and its previous version call for the installing of feri0r-plugins during OpenShot startup. Seems like some of the packagers are not actually looking at the programs running. I tracked down the package and its three dependencies which seemed to install OK but OpenShot still can't find the plugin.

A number of packages have been built (IIRC including frei0r) and will be available for Mageia 1 as soon as the necessary processes are in place for updates and backports.


I am wondering whether the deal with the ROSA crowd has anything to do with the Mandriva takeover. Are they perhaps part of the takeover setup. If that happens to be the case then it is goodbye to the Mandriva as we knew it.

The Russian company responsible for Rosa is the company that took control of Mandriva last September.



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Thank you Jim for the info. I am glad that the frei0r-plugin is in the pipeline now. Looking forward to it.


I really miss Xmms. It is simple and does exactly what I need and can be made attractive simply. All the other MP3 players are bells and whistle things that I can do without. Gapcmon was originally introduced into Mandriva by the remarkable Adam Williamson I think, on a request from me for an application to use the USB monitoring facilities of APC Backups. I don't know if he wrote it or found it somewhere and modified it to suit Mandriva. I have an impression that APC might have been involved in writing the programme. It covers the APC Backups as fully as the programme written for that other O$.


Regarding Rosa, so my suspicion was correct. That means we can surely kiss Mandriva goodbye as we came to know it.

Thank goodness for the Mageia startup.


Viva Mageia.



Cheers. John.

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