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pulse audio

Guest stevo

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I recently installed mandriva 2010.2 the 64 bit version, it was working well except firefox wouldnt show some .gif images correctly ,then I stupidly went and applied some updates to get a beta version of fire fox before I worked out I could just use chromium.

I let it do a heap of updates with-out knowing what I was doing now pulse audio doesnt allow me to select digital stereo sound and kmix volume control is missing from task bar and wont launch from kmenu or konsole.

Is there a way I could roll back to yesterday? or urpmi urpme it back to undo what ever Ive done.

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This guide is a little out of date, but it may help you get Pulse Audio working.



You can use the following command to find the list of packages last installed. Replace n with a number to show the last 10, 20, 30 packages, etc. You can look at the date and time stamp to see where the last set of updates ends.

rpm -qa --last | head -n



[david@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa --last | head -3
perl-CGI-3.510.0-0.1mdv2010.2                 Sat 15 Jan 2011 04:13:55 AM MST
chromium-browser-10.0.630.0.r70630-1mdv2010.2 Mon 10 Jan 2011 08:38:20 AM MST
dhcp-common-4.1.2-0.2mdv2010.2                Mon 10 Jan 2011 08:38:13 AM MST
[david@localhost ~]$ 


Now you can revert to the previous package with the following command as root.


# rpm -Uvh --oldpackage foo-1.0-1.i386.rpm
foo                       ####################################

Reference: http://linux902.tripod.com/s1-rpm-using.html


You might have to download the older package(s) and provide the path if the older package(s) are not on the mirror, or else enable the DVD repository so the command can retrieve the original rpm package(s) from the DVD.


You can find older versions of packages for download using one of the rpm mirror search websites.




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But this is Mandriva and it has given me problems since it was introduced.

So I wouldn't say it was the greatest. Just like Ubuntu is not the greatest in my opinion. :P

I asked the question because people come and ask what happened to their mixer and how to get it back ?

It was a little while back when I got a brand spanking new pc, built to order and the sound wouldn't erm sound.

I disabled pulse and all was well again.

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