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Script to Repair Installation

Steve Scrimpshire

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Steve,I already got my urpmi sources, but found when I tried your script Example "! /bin/bash" & rpmfix to start things off that I got no response ,so I thought one of these 2 posts might of led to more examples , Im still a linux novice trying to learn but have a little trouble understanding scripting but want to give it a go, I have come accross some tutorials in somePC mags I have and will see if they can get me going as well? I havnt read your tutorial right through yet so maybe I have done something wrong , Should typing ! /bin/bash or rpmfind give me some results or do I have something missing? Thanks

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Ahhh...I see the problem. What i posted is a script not commands you run from a terminal. Copy and paste the entire code sample into a file and save it, making sure that #!/bin/bash is on the very top line. You can name it whatever yo want, like repairinstall. Then type this command:

chmod +x repairinstall

then as root:



If you are already running this as a script, make sure all the lines that have # in the beginning, keep them.

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Hi Steve,


What you said earlier about XFree packages (they seem to need being reinstalled everytime) is valid for my glibc-devel and kernel-source packages as well. So, I changed a line in your script:

if [[ $name != XFree* ]]

Is now:

if [[ $name != XFree* && $name != glibc-devel* && $name != kernel-source* ]]

Now they don't bother me anymore... :afro:


Just thought I'd let you know about it.



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In Nautilus (GNOME), it would be:

Right-click the file -> Properties -> Permissions -> Check "Executable" checkboxes


Or, in a terminal, type in:

chmod a+x rpmfix

Assuming you named the script "rpmfix". Otherwise, just replace that with whatever you named it.



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Hmmm... no argument to your request sounds like you aren't missing any files.

Can you attach your missing_files.list to a post here? You'll have to rename it to missing_files.txt to get it to attach. It'll be in the same directory you run the script from.

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I meant the file called missing_files.list that the script creates in the directory you run the script from. If the file does not exist, it means either:

(a) You do not have write permissions in the directory you run the script from

(b) None of your rpms are missing any files, which is highly doubtful

Edited by Steve Scrimpshire
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