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  1. I actually wrote in my 1st post that kdesu works in KDE ,sO It actually seems that you need gksu for windowManagers like IceWM as kdesu wont work but gksu does. AnyWay not to worry.
  2. I cant find the /etc/sudoers file on Mandriva like the old days & I cant use kdesu or gksu outside of KDE . When I try to use kdesu to load say Dolphin in ICEWM or WMaker etc ,I get error "kdesu: command not found". Where can I possibly fix any of these as at least for using Sudo I could have gone to the etc/sudoers file but its not there that I can see . Thanks AnyOne
  3. Does anyone no a post or thread that gives a good description on how to properly add Repositories etc to SmartPM Channels ? or even if someone would be kind enough to explain how I can add manually Through Smart or Command line as I have searched & searched & can,t seem to find a good Tutorial on adding Repo's or Sources etc on this forum 4 smart . A example using a Mandriva Repo or Source if possible. Cheers
  4. LatterDaySaint, in regards to your question there is a live BSD version you can install its called freesbie1.1 and its supposed to be less technical than the Main BSD Versions, so I'm glad I could help you as no one else would " Yep & no Worries Mate ask anytime"
  5. Steve,I already got my urpmi sources, but found when I tried your script Example "! /bin/bash" & rpmfix to start things off that I got no response ,so I thought one of these 2 posts might of led to more examples , Im still a linux novice trying to learn but have a little trouble understanding scripting but want to give it a go, I have come accross some tutorials in somePC mags I have and will see if they can get me going as well? I havnt read your tutorial right through yet so maybe I have done something wrong , Should typing ! /bin/bash or rpmfind give me some results or do I have something missing? Thanks
  6. I tried 3 or 4 times and got error saying something like "not found the requested url /easyurpmi/index.php was not found on this server.
  7. G'Day Steve, I have tried the 2 scripts at the beginning of your thread but I get an empty page on the first webpage and a error on the second ,I'm wondering if their still valid or not as they seem to point to nowhere.. is there another thread somewhere that may have similar teachings on finding missing files ect? Thanks Jason
  8. Just Wondering if you can use SmartPM on Slackware, as I thought I read on the SmartMP WebPage that it said something about it being used with Slackware and eventually with Mandrake, And if so will it have a set of repositories to choose from like with Fedora as I found it really helps so you dont have to worry to much about chasing repos all over the web to add , AnyWay one of the reasons I'm asking is I have been using SmartPM with Fedora3 for a little while now and I think its great,With all the updates and Packages I've installed I dont think I've had a problem yet that I can Think of, except 4 a minor one which happens when screensaver is on while downloading eventually it stalls if I leave it 4 a couple of hours (Im using Dial Up) and then if I press Cancel to resume again -as its all in "Cache" I think thats how its spelt, I find it freezes so I have to press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to be able to close and start again where it last left off and resume again, I dont know if its more to do with Fedora though But anyway its 50 times better than using up2date which takes 4 ever and freezes compulsivly no matter which version of redhat or fedora I have used and which PC I have used it on ,So I really think SmartPM has a lot of potential 4 the future of Package GUI tools probably just has a few little glitches to fix so to speak but I like It..
  9. Hi there ,I know for newbie I could be way of track here ,but whenever I reinstall Mandrake I found it would never install lilo to mbr so that I would have no boot options on reboot, So what I would do is stick CD1 in PC and reboot and then when I got option to install or upgrade I would select upgrade and then let it do its thing untill it got to the part about choosing whether to put lilo or grub on mbr ? I would then choose Grub and put it on Floppy(fd0) and it would add my Windows XP home to boot options as well . Which means that if this fellow with problem at beginning of post reinstalled Windows like he said he has and then used Upgrade option to change his bootloader option to Grub (Very Simple) and added it to floppy instead or even both (to MBR As Well ) then wouldnt that help his Problem ,Or am I missing the issue of his Problem As I am still going through a big phase of learning what and how linux works and the terms and Languages people use ,AnyWay I hope this helps Someone who reads this post who Wants To go about changing boot options the easy way 4 a Newbie?..
  10. Hi there ,I could be wrong, but every time I have reinstalled Mandrake10.1 (I Hope This Is The Last Time I Have To)that when I go to "system-configuration-packaging-Mandrakelinux Update" 4 the first time that it asks me where my locale is so that I get my updates from a closer destination which I have found downloads with my Dial up Modem a lot quicker than normal. But this time it didnt seem to ask me and went straight to looking 4 available packages . Anyway I have found it to be xtra slow this time with updates, I want to emphasize that Im not talking about easyurpmi which I have setup and have to use Taiwan because its the closest to Australia that I know of. But If I remember rightly before this problem with Mandrakelinux Update that it gave me an Australian locale to use which was very quick ,but I didnt get a choice this time so Im now hoping theres a way to make sure I can use the Australian Locale with MandrakeLinux Update ,Can anyone Help ... From Jason Thanks ..
  11. Does this Version have a installer with it, the reason I asked is I bought both FreeBSD & OpenBSD about 3Mths ago there abouts , and I could not install them 4 the life of me , and they were tried on 2 PCs a P3 & P4, It was either it was just 2 technical 4 me or I had Hardware issues , anyway I just thought that if it does have a installer then It might be less complicated. Also is there a BSD version out there that has an easier install process than FreeBSD & OpenBSD out there ,?...
  12. Where do I get Nvidia driver ect for Mandrake..,as I dont see it in urpmi, also if I download another kernel to update it ,then do I have to compile it or anything or will it work after downloading with urpmi with out having to do anything besides adding nvidia driver? as I hear alot about people compiling kernels ect. My understanding is that it installs it self if downloaded with urpmi.
  13. Well I appreciate all the advice,one of the reasons I asked was because there doesnt seem to be a great list of packages to choose from with the repositories at easyurpmi 4 me anyway and the only reason I have not bought membership so I can get the full list of packages with extra repos is because I refuse to go near credit cards, I live in Australia and dont know of another way to pay 4 Membership ,Anyway I think this is the only drawback with Mandrake not being more free like others? But is still a great well put together distro. I want to learn more about installing and compiling software and kernels ,so maybe not getting a full list of packages to choose from will help me learn more and try harder.
  14. Just wondering if using Kpackage or Synaptic is agood idea ,as I installed Kpackage but cant find any repositories 4 it anywhere,If using Kpackage ect. is okey then would anybody know where I can get a list of repos 4 it . Is there anyone using these tools .From Jason
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