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Linux Pet Peeves


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This thread is not for any problems, per se. Problems should be posted in the appropriate forum. Rather, it concerns distro oddities and irritations. Notice that this is not a complaint about any one distro or Linux in general. If you hate a particular distro, please post separately; this thread concerns pet peeves of your favorite distro or distros!


Mandriva still has a small irritation to me, in the it simply cannot set up a machine for dual boot without any adjustment to grub. I used Mandriva for many years before going to OpenSuSE for a couple of years. I have an Acer laptop that contains a small utility partition in the first position on the drive. OpenSuSE's installer correctly identifies the partition, as well as the adjacent Windows partition. Grub is set up ready to go! But not Mandriva. Now, the Mandriva installer is fine on a blank drive or a standard setup where the Windows partition is the first position on the drive. But on my Acer, I installed Mandriva 2010, and go to boot Windows with a request for the command.exe! This is where most users think that Mandriva has "blown away" their Windows installation. The point is I had to edit Grub and fix it. Mandriva's installer has always done this, and I used it as far back as version 7.0 So that is my pet peeve. :D

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My pet peeve for mandriva? easy.


It can't load the psb module after a kernel update, and this was fixed for Fedora weeks ago.....


Other than that it beats the pants off OpenSUSE, Fedora, gOS, Ubuntu, pretty much everything I have tried.

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My peeve is that no matter what distro I use, something is always wrong somewhere. CentOS, I can use Xen, but I have old packages, and thus can't get anything nice and new without causing some problems. Mandriva, can install Xen, but then I can't get into my X server so my machine is unusable and no console access either just black screens. SUSE, Xen works and has nice new kernel, but then it won't shut down properly because of some ACPI problem, and so I must power off with 5 second press of power button. Ubuntu/Debian, no Xen kernel, so I can't use Xen without having to search around a find it easily (why is it not in the repos). Gentoo, Xen support and everything in the repo, but you can't even get it working because of some conflicts or another.

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I haven't got any peeve with any particular distribution as such, but I do have a problem with unwanted regressions. Something which used to work fine, and then got broken.


For example, KDE3.5 worked beautifully with Mdv2008.1, and I was happy with it. I didn't want to use KDE4 yet, so I tried to use Mdv2009 with KDE3, and there were many things which were broken and awkward. Things didn't work properly any more. As a result I'm now using gnome, but there shouldn't be any reason why I couldn't continue to use KDE3, especially if at that time KDE4 clearly wasn't ready yet.


Another example, the Intel video drivers. Again, they worked fine in 2008.1, but then they got broken, not only for Mandriva but also for other distros. So something which used to work fine, suddenly doesn't work any more. As a result, 2009.1 didn't work _at_all_ for me, so I downgraded to 2009.0, which had many other issues of its own.


Without knowing the technical issues behind it, it just seems like someone broke something, and even though they still have the old, working code somewhere, they've ditched it in favour of broken code in the name of 'progress'. Which sucks. Of course, maybe the new code fixes other peoples' problems, I don't know, but for me it's an unnecessary and very annoying step backwards.


I still have occasional crashes in my Intel video drivers, so I'm just hoping they get fixed again sometime.

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