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protect root / user passwords


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A quick google search shows up some info on how to do it:




This was the first result:




Of course, the grub config itself in the very first post is not distro specific. So whilst this is on the Ubuntu forum, it will apply to pretty much all grub configs.


Now for the edits. When you see your system booting, and you see the grub menu, you have a certain amount of time before it selects the default entry. Now, you can just press any key to then see the list of all the menu options, and choose the one you want to boot or even edit. Press the "E" key, and it will then show the grub config underneath this. You then go to the kernel line and press "E" again. At the end of the line, just add the word "single" without the quotes. Then, accept your edits, and it will return back and you press "B" to boot the system.

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