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Ram keeps going up and up [solved]


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When I installed 2008.1... everything went smoothly until I open Ktorrent and use it... Then the RAM start to build up itself from about 700 MB to about 1936 MB out of 2048 MB...


I had either way to restart and/or shut down and then start up... The RAM start build up itself and reach about 1900's MB within 3 hours without open any application.....


I don't know if it is helpful, but the list showed in code "top" This one is at the beginning..... At the end, it come up 1900's MB but look the same on list??


I removed Ktorrent by "urpme" I thought it was conflict for some reasons... But seems nothing help??


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Perfectly normal.


As daniewicz says, the system uses it for cache.


Most systems keep recently accessed files in "unused" ram. That way, if that file is requested, it's accessible immediately without spinning the hard drive up. If the ram is needed, then the ram is simply used.


There's no cost in this, it's effectively a "free" boost.

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Also remember that Linux is not Windows so there is no reason to think in Windows terms regarding Memory usage.

As Daniel and Iphitus said, your Linux is operating the way it should.


Cheers. John.

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